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Medicine: Pharmacisits, Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, Case Managers


Advanced Practice: Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

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4 Free Nursing CEUs- Pharmacology Basics

mortar and pestlePharmacology Basics– This course will describe the basic principles of pharmacology, pharmacokinetic processes including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, as well as several drug classes and some of the commonly seen drugs within those classes.
The participant will be familiar with the role of receptors related to medications.
The participant will identify the four components of pharmacokinetics.
The participant will be familiar with how medications are classified.
The participant will identify some medications from some commonly seen classifications, as well as their actions, uses, adverse reactions and side effects, contraindications, and implications.

4.0 Free ANCC CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants

Expires 2/25/16 

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Best Practices in Cardiac Stress Testing- Free CME for Physicians

stress testingBest Practices for Applying Pharmacological Cardiac Stress Testing– Utilize appropriate guidelines and recommendations when ordering a cardiac stress test in a pre-operative patient.
Evaluate efficacy and safety data of pharmacologic agents used to induce cardiac stress.
Employ effective communication strategies between internists and cardiologists to ensure the correct test is administered to the right patient.
Initiate patient-provider decision sharing and patient education tactics that involve the patient in the management process.
Provide appropriate care and counsel to patients and their families.
Provide accurate and appropriate counsel as part of the treatment team.

1.25 Free AMA Pra CAT 1 CME for Physicians

This course also offers Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Pharamacists

Expires 7/31/15





PowerPak CE

Supported by an educational grant from Astellas.
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Social Work: 5 Free CEUs- Homelessness Series

Homelessness Series- 5 Free CEUs

Homelessness 101: Basic facts and figures on homelessness, including discussion of causes and individual and societal risk factors for persons becoming homeless.
Strategic Practices: Evidenced based and promising community based practices that can help end homelessness.
Partnering and Planning: Strategic partnering and planning strategies to leverage community resources to meet the needs of persons who are homeless.
Financing: Tips on how to finance services for persons who are homeless.
Evaluation: Overview of evaluation strategies to see if your program is having the desired impact in ending chronic homelessness.

5.0 Free CEUs for Social Workers

Sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration)


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7 Free CEUs for Nurses & RTs- Asthma Management

asthmaAsthma Management Program– Facts about Asthma. Myths about Asthma. Assessment and Monitoring. Diagnosis and Severity of Asthma. Measurement of Lung Function Control of Environmental Factors. Environmental Allergens. Irritants and other factors. Pharmacologic Management, Pathophysiology. Bronchodialator medication. Anti-inflammatory medication. Patient Education. Partnership with the patient. Inhaler and Peak Flow Meter technique.

7.0 Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Registered Nurses

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- Free AOTA CEU for Occupational Therapists

complex regional painComplex Regional Pain Syndrome
List all of the criteria required to establish work-relatedness for an occupational disease.
Describe the risk factors that may help prevent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).
Understand the symptoms and signs of CRPS.
Explain the treatment plan for patients with CRPS.

1.0 Free CEUs for Occupational Therapists

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6 Free CEUs for Nursing- Leadership:Coaching in Nursing

Published by The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and the International Council of Nurses

COACHNursing Leadership- Coaching in Nursing Workbook–  available to nurses around the world. This tool is a hands-on guide that can be used to teach nurses coaching principles and skills in order to develop individual professional competencies and to improve nurse staffing retention.

Coaching is an interactive, interpersonal process that supports continuing personal, professional and career development through the acquisition of appropriate skills, actions and abilities that are crucial to professional practice. It offers many benefits to both coaches and those being coached (usually referred to as clients), including improved confidence and autonomy in ones’s role, improved job satisfaction and productivity, and the deelopment of new knowledge and skills.
Whether you are a practitioner interested in improving your practice, a leader investigating new systems and programs or a nurse who would like to become or find a coach, this workbook will help you learn:

1. The purpose and scope of coaching
2. When you might need a coach and how to find one
3. Fundamental coaching principles and how to apply them
4. How coaches are prepared and how organisations can use coaching programs

6 hours of continuing education (CE) credit is available for Nursing after completing the workbook.

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Rehab Techniques for the Shoulder- Free CE for PT

shoulderPart I of XII- Diagnosis & Treatment of the Upper and Lower Quadrant– List and summarize the principles of rehabilitation.
Describe rehabilitation techniques for the shoulder.
Summarize Mobilization with Movement techniques for the shoulder.

1.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

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Free Sleep CEU- Insuring Optimal Outcomes for Patients with Shift Work Disorder

shift-work-sleep-disorderA PRACTICAL APPROACH TO THE APPROPRIATE DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF SHIFT WORK DISORDER – PATIENT CONSULT– Identify and diagnose shift work disorder (SWD) based on specific symptoms and in accordance with recognized guidelines.
Implement appropriate management strategies for SWD, including pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions, while considering the potential for comorbid sleep disorders.
Describe and institute mechanisms for assessing and insuring optimal outcomes for patients with SWD that can be easily applied in a clinical setting.

0.5  Free CEUs for Sleep Technologists

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 6/3/15

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Trauma-Focused Treatments for Maltreated Children- Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers

broken heartChild Exposure to Trauma: Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions Addressing Maltreatment– The overall purpose is to inform learners about the comparative effectiveness of parenting interventions, and trauma-focused treatments targeting children 14 years of age and younger.
Identify interventions that have been evaluated specifically with maltreated children.
Recognize which interventions resulted in improvements in child mental and behavioral health outcomes, and which interventions resulted in improved child welfare outcomes.
Discuss which interventions represent first-line treatment choices for abused and neglected children, based on the strength of the evidence.
Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families.

1.0 Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers

This course also offers Free CEUs for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physicians, & Certified Health Education Specialists

Expires 7/20/16


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Free ASHA CEUs for SLPs- Understanding Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation (SNUG)

aac bubbleLanguage-Based Approach to AAC Assessment and Intervention– Identify, understand, and articulate values and basic concepts relating to the goal of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC ) and the need for evidence-based practice. Distinguish between core and extended vocabulary and understand how spontaneous novel utterance generation (SNUG) is different from the use of preprogrammed utterances. Identify the three basic language representation methods used in AAC systems and some of their relative attributes.

0.2 Free ASHA CEUs for Speech Therapists


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Understanding Contact Lenses- Free CE for Pharmacists

The Eyes Have it – Understanding Contact Lens and Appropriate Care – Most schools of pharmacy do not cover the area of ophthalmology to any appreciable extent in the curriculum, so very few practicing pharmacists have a high level of comfort when dealing with issues relating to the contact lens wearers that they may see on a day to day basis. With millions of people wearing contact lenses, pharmacists routinely deal with contact lens-related questions or concerns. While pharmacists don’t need to be experts on contact lens, this knowledge based program will give them a basic understanding of contact lens and lens care solution capabilities in order to prepare them to give both schedules and appropriate cleaning techniques.
Review the different type of contact lens to include lens care solution compatibilities in order to provide appropriate patient-specific management.
Identify the different contact lens complications and appropriate counseling to include timely referral to patient’s eye care professional.
Outline appropriate patient counseling strategies to maximize patient lens care compliance while minimizing patient problems and “drop-out rates.

1.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Pharmacy Techs

Expires 10/15/15
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Free AHRA CEU for Rad Techs- The Scope of Severe Aortic Stenosis

aortic stenosisMaximizing Outcomes in Patients with Aortic Stenosis: An Evidence and Case-Based Approach– Summarize the scope of severe aortic stenosis (AS) including risk factors, screening, identification, morbidity, and mortality.
Outline the appropriate diagnosis and assessment of patients with suspected AS and identify patients at high risk for the disease.
Review clinical trial and real world outcomes data on the use of aortic valve replacement in the management of patients with severe AS.
Develop strategies for the early identification and referral of patients with severe AS who may be candidates for aortic valve replacement.

1.0 Free AHRA CEUs for Radiology Technologists

Expires 1/31/16

naccme logoSupported by an educational grant from Edwards LifeSciences
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Managing Psychotic and Mood Disorders- Free CEUs for Nurses

Addressing Management of Psychotic and Mood Disorders in Federal and Public Sectors– Health care practitioners and the treatment team in federal and public sectors face unique barriers, and those who manage patients with psychotic and mood disorders are especially challenged. Limitations in available health care services and available therapies, fragmentation of care, lack of care transitions, and disruptions in patient and family continuity are just a few of the distinct issues these health care professionals can consistently experience. This accredited monograph stems from a series of live workshops intended to support health care professionals who treat patients with psychotic and mood disorders in federal and public sectors. It provides a summary of relevant evidence presented at the workshops and includes some of the most common questions asked by participants. The goal of this monograph is to address some of the many issues among practitioners and the clinical team who manage patients with psychotic and mood disorders.
Summarize key advances in research on the neurobiological basis of psychotic and mood disorders.
Assess overlapping characteristics across the continuum of psychosis and newer treatment options.
Identify common questions and barriers among health care professionals treating and managing patients with psychotic and mood disorders across federal and public sectors.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires 11/30/15

primeheadSponsored by PRIME through an educational grant from Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
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Emerging Therapies in Lipid Management- Free CEUs for Advanced Practice Nurses

hyperlipidemiaLipid Management: Current Perspectives and Emerging Approaches– Evaluate primary and secondary prevention evidence with statins, and explain the importance of lowering LDL-C with statin therapy for reducing cardiovascular risk.
Describe strategies for managing statin intolerance, interpret statin safety data, and assess benefit/risk with statins.
Summarize and explain the 2013 ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guidelines.
Recognize the association of hypertriglyceridemia with increased risks and define currently available therapies for reducing elevated triglycerides.
Evaluate similarities and differences between fish oil supplements and prescription omega-3 treatment options, and between currently available and emerging omega-3 fatty acid agents.

1.25 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians, PAs,  & Pharmacists

naccme logoSupported by an educational grant from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP.
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Free CE for RT- Reducing Pressure Ulcers When Using NIV

hapuThe Pressure is On-How Respiratory Therapist and Clinicians Can Reduce HAPU When Using NIV?– Respiratory Therapists and clinicians are under growing pressure to help prevent and treat Healthcare Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs). Learn how implementing a strategy for mask-related HAPUs can help reduce patient harm and lower risk for your hospital.
Find out how your Respiratory Department can implement a prevention strategy for mask-related HAPUs.
Understand the training necessary to build a strategy for reducing mask-related pressure ulcers.
Identify the critical components for creating a successful approach to managing HAPU’s.

1.0 Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists

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Free Nurse CEU- Early Recognition & Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

alzheimers word cloudShifting the Paradigm: Early Recognition and Intervention in Alzheimer’s Disease– Describe the clinical and emotional impact on patient well-being resulting from inaccurate and delayed diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.
Integrate guidelines and evidence in applying cognitive assessment tools, imaging, and biomarkers to provide early and accurate clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.
Summarize model-based pathophysiologic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and implications for evaluation of emerging targeted therapies.
Outline emerging clinical trial data on potential therapies with anti-beta-amyloid agents for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease.

1.5 Free CME for Nurses

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires 12/9/15

naccme logoSupported by educational grants from Lilly USA, LLC and Novartis
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Childhood Trauma & Toxic Stress- 1.75 Free CEUs for Social Workers

toxic stressChildhood Trauma and Toxic Stress– Compare toxic stress with other types of stress response. Specify one way toxic stress can impact a child over his or her lifespan.
Interpret the role of the provider in addressing toxic stress.
Distinguish between the two types of trauma screening questions.
Interpret one ethical guideline for deciding whether to report suspected abuse or neglect.
Establish one way a provider can help families understand trauma and its impact.
Specify the definition of culturally sensitive trauma-informed care.
Identify one way a provider can create a trauma-sensitive practice environment.
Determine one resource developed to help families cope with a child suffering from trauma.

1.75 Free CEUs for Social Worker

Expires 9/4/17

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