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Managing Work-Life Balance During the Holidays- Free CEU for Nurses & Social Workers

holidaysSelf-Care Series for Oncology Professionals Session I: It’s the most wonderful time of the year?  Managing work-life balance during the holiday season
Review of terminology related to work-life balance for oncology professionals.
Discuss why work-life balance is harder to maintain during the holidays.
Describe strategies for self-care and work-life balance during the holidays.


1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Social Workers

Expires 12/15/16

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Home Safety for Seniors- Free CE for OT

dimentiaHome Safety for Seniors– If you’re worried about the safety of your older adult clients at home, it could be for good reason. Falls are among the leading causes of injury and death at home. Simple home modifications can reduce accidents for older adults living at home. Molly Carpenter will outline the many ways eldercare professionals can help educate families about safeguarding older adults living at home. Also detailed will be a home safety checklist and affordable home fixes.

1.0 Free AOTA CEUs for Occupational Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Social Workers

Free until 10/12/15

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Emergency Contraception: Who, What, When, Why & How- Free CEU for Pharmacists

er contraEmergency Contraception: Clinical Aspects and Patient Care
In recent years, several over-the-counter emergency contraception products have entered the market. These include Plan B and other levonorgestrel-based generic alternatives. No longer are these products dispensed by pharmacists, nor are they subject to age restrictions, counseling requirements, and certain other guidelines that were imposed when Plan B was first approved. Yet, there is significant confusion, as well as misunderstanding and anxiety, among pharmacists as well as consumers regarding how emergency contraception works, when it can be effectively dispensed and used, and who can use it. It is essential that pharmacy professionals be able to consistently and authoritatively counsel patients about OTC emergency contraception products – regardless of whether the product is available OTC, behind-the-counter, or in a locked display. This CE activity provides pharmacists a thorough review of how these products are used, who may purchase them, and how they and their patients can obtain additional needed i nformation.
List the currently available emergency contraception (EC) products and their OTC status.
Describe the mechanism of action and adverse effects of EC products.
Describe how patients obtain EC products, including age restrictions and specific state restrictions.
Outline counseling points for patients taking EC products – instructions for use, side effects, and implications.
Explain the specific FDA requirements and practice guidelines that govern the sale of EC products.

1.0  Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires 6/1/18
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Free Oncology CEU for Nurses- Guide to Gynecologic Cancers

Define the risk factors, prevention strategies, and screening guidelines for gynecologic cancer.
Identify the signs and symptoms and diagnostic tests for gynecologic cancer.
Describe common treatments for cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancer.
Recognize issues pertinent in the survivorship phase of gynecologic cancer.
Demonstrate the role of the nurse in providing education and support to gynecologic cancer patients undergoing treatment or in the survivorship stages.

0.98 Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 11/21/16
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Medicine: Pharmacisits, Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, Case Managers


Advanced Practice: Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

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Causes, Characteristics & Imaging of Atypical Femoral Fracture- Free ARRT CEU for Rad Techs

femoral fxEmerging Concepts in Atypical Femoral Fracture- Causes, Characteristics, and Imaging– Although there is strong evidence that bisphosphonates prevent certain types of osteoporotic fractures, there are concerns that these medications may be associated with rare atypical femoral fractures (AFF).
Since many physicians including radiologists are not aware of this entity, the incidence is likely underreported. These fractures usually occur in the subtrochanteric and mid-diaphyseal regions of the femur in the setting of low-energy trauma. Awareness of these atypical fractures and their radiological appearance should enable their early and accurate detection and thus lead to specific management.
This lecture will review current research on atypical femoral fractures, followed by case studies that focus on early radiological appearance for accurate detection of changes associated with the spectrum of AFF using plain film, DXA, and CT.
Discuss the potential relationship between long-term bisphosphonate (BP) therapy and atypical femoral fracture (AFF).
Recognize the radiographic features that distinguish AFFs from ordinary osteoporotic femoral fracture.
Use appropriate imaging techniques, including the use of plain film, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and CT, for identifying early radiographic signs of AFF.

1.0  Free ARRT CEUs for Radiologic Technicians

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 2/1/16



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Opioid Risk-Reduction Strategies- Free Pharmacology Hours for Advanced Practice Nurses

painTools for Safe Prescribing in Chronic Pain Management– Utilize available screening tools for the effective assessment of patients before initiating opioid therapy.
Implement opioid risk-reduction strategies based on a patient’s aberrant behavior.
Apply communication strategies to strengthen relationships with patients and improve patient knowledge of their opioid treatment.
Properly monitor patients on opioid therapy utilizing available resources, including Patient-Provider Agreements and state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.
Identify potential adverse events in patients on opioid therapy.
Mitigate drug-drug interactions with patients on opioid therapy.

3.0 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners which includes 1.0 hours of pharmacology

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 4/19/16

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Early Detection of Respiratory Depression- Free CE for RT

rdEarly Detection of Respiratory Depression – Respiratory depression (RD) is a feared complication in patients undergoing intravenous or epidural patient-controlled analgesia for the treatment of postoperative pain. Adequate monitoring provides a unique opportunity to clinicians to detect early signs of respiratory depression and significantly reduce the incidence of sentinel events.
Define sedation and opioid-induced respiratory depression (RD).
Discuss the current status of monitoring for RD.
Discuss the impact of procedural sedation and analgesia in the incidence of respiratory depression.
Describe the role of pulse oximetry, capnography, and pulmonary indices in detecting alveolar hypoventilation.

1.0 Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists

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Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia- Free CEU for CNA

vapVAP: Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia for CNAs
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) not only is very harmful, but it is very costly to treat. Therefore, educating caregivers about how to prevent VAP can save lives and money.

1.0  Free CEUs for CNAs

Medline University


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Free Sleep CEU- Understanding Risk Management in the Sleep Lab

sleep study

Picture by Huffington Post

Risk Management in the Sleep Lab
Basic Understanding of risks associated with health care facilities in general and sleep labs in particular.
Maintaining patient and technician safety in a sleep lab.
Policies to reduce adverse occurrences.


1.0  Free CEUs for Sleep Technologists

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Med Rec During Transitions of Care- Free CEU for Nurses

med recMedication Reconciliation as a Patient Safety Practice During Transitions of Care– Define medication reconciliation as formal patient safety practice.
Identify four sources of medication information.
Describe what is known about potential harms associated with unintended medication changes at care transitions.
Describe the steps outlined in the MATCH toolkit for evaluating, designing, and implementing medication reconciliation processes.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Case Manangers & Certified Health Education Specialists

Expires 5/19/17

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Physiology of Malnutrition- 2.0 Free CEUs for Registered Dieticians

malnutritionTHE TIME IS NOW: ELEVATING THE ROLE OF NUTRITION FOR BETTER PATIENT OUTCOMES– Identify the need to use the recommended malnutrition-related diagnostic characteristics to assess and document nutrition status in adults.
Demonstrate how consistent documentation enables clinicians to better establish prevalence and, in turn, initiate effective nutrition interventions.
Describe the physiology of malnutrition and approaches to assess the malnourished patient.

2.0  Free CEUs for Registered Dieticians

This course also offers Free CEUs for Nurses

abbott nutrition

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Free CEUs for Certified Case Managers- Your Role in Caring for the Patient with MS

cm and msPatient-Centered Care for the Patient with Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of the Case Manager– Define how the decline in QoL in MS patients impacts productivity
Determine the issues that complicate and interrupt early diagnosis, treatment, and medication adherence.
Review current understanding of the treatment and symptom management of MS through case scenarios.
Formulate effective, personalized management strategies for improving outcomes and QoL for patients with MS.

1.0  Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers

Expires 2/13/16

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
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Psychiatry Update- 3.2 Free Pharmacology Hours for Advanced Nurse Practitioners

psychiatry updateGME Psychiatry Update– Identify the red flags for bipolar disorder, including the mixed specifier and DSM-5 changes in diagnosis.
Describe the evidence base for the treatment of patients with bipolar depression, mixed episodes and cognitive disturbances in major depression.
Individualize treatment choices, giving consideration to efficacy, safety, long-term data, and unique patient characteristics.
Formulate appropriate treatment regimens considering the emergence of new investigative agents.
Discuss the diagnostics and management of sleep disorders in psychiatric patients.
Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families

6.0 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners which includes  3.2 Hours of Pharmacology

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 6/30/16


Supported by independent educational grants from Forest, Jazz, Lundbeck, Merck, Sunovion, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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Treating PTSD: Cognitive Processing Therapy- Free CEU for Social Workers

Paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team return from patrol to Joint Security Station Hasan June 14, 2012, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. The remote outpost is also manned by soldiers of the Afghan National Army’s 203rd Corps. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod, RC-East PAO)

(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod, RC-East PAO)

Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD
Describe pre-treatment and treatment measures and identify who to include/exclude from Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).
Recognize the various formats of CPT and when to use them.
Review ways to identify CPT stuck points.

1.0 Free CEUs for Social Workers

Expires 3/20/16

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2 Free CEUs for Nurses- Managing Sepsis in the Adult

Define infection, systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), sepsis, severe sepsis, septic shock, and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).
Identify early signs and symptoms of sepsis.
Recognize how to diagnosis sepsis.
Identify the importance of early intervention according to latest standards when identifying sepsis.
List the treatment for severe sepsis and septic shock.

2.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

Free until  9/30/15


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Preventing Febrile Neutropenia: Myeloid Growth Factors- Free CE for Pharmacists

chemoClinical Pearls for Febrile Neutropenia Prevention: An Algorithmic, Case-Based Guide to Navigating the Use of Myeloid Growth Factors– Identify factors that increase the risk of febrile neutropenia among patients with cancer who are receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy.
Discuss appropriate uses of myeloid CSFs for febrile neutropenia prevention, including dosing and duration of use.
Describe strategies to ensure the cost-effective use of myeloid CSFs for febrile neutropenia prevention.

1.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires 11/20/15

This activity is jointly provided by the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Paradigm Medical Communications, LLC.


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1.5 Free CEUs for Nurses- Improving Medication Safety

med safetyImproving Medication Safety in the Perioperative Setting– Describe how medications are ordered, stored, prepared, and utilized in the perioperative setting.
Identify system-based causes of medication errors associated with the use of medications in the perioperative setting.
Describe current regulatory and accreditation requirements related to perioperative medication safety.
Describe practical approaches currently used by hospitals and health systems to improve medication safety.
Prioritize selected strategies to prevent harm and improve medication safety in the surgical setting,

1.5 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Pharmacists & Pharm Techs

Expires 2/6/18 
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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Eagle Pharmaceuticals.

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