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Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis- 1.5 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

ms2Year in Review: Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis– Assess the impact of unmet treatment needs for patients with MS.
Summarize key recent evidence on the efficacy and safety of emerging therapies for relapsing and progressive forms of MS.
Describe the general mechanisms of action for MS therapies that deplete B-cells, sequester T-cells, and promote neuroprotection.
Apply evidence from recent clinical trials to guide effective treatment decisions for patients with MS.

1.5  Free CEUs for Pharmacists

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses

Expires 2/14/17


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Medication Safety in the Operating Room- 1.5 Free CEUs for Nurses

299Improving Medication Safety in the Perioperative Setting– The perioperative (operating room) environment is a high-risk, complex area where medication errors lead to disproportionately more harm than errors elsewhere in the hospital. This on-demand webinar focuses on current issues in perioperative medication safety and ways to prevent harmful adverse drug events. Leading national experts discuss often-unrecognized problems, discuss actual cases where errors have occurred, outline relevant regulatory and/or accreditation requirements, and provide a description of how one organization has successfully implemented risk reduction strategies in the surgical setting.
Describe how medications are ordered, stored, prepared, and utilized in the perioperative setting.
Identify system-based causes of medication errors associated with the use of medications in the perioperative setting.
Describe current regulatory and accreditation requirements related to perioperative medication safety.
Describe practical approaches currently used by hospitals and health systems to improve medication safety.
Prioritize selected strategies to prevent harm and improve medication safety in the surgical setting.

1.5  Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires 2/6/18

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Eagle Pharmaceuticals.
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Diagnosing and Managing Bipolar Disorder- Free Pharmacology Hours for Nurse Practitioners

bipolar disorderThe Front-Line in the Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Bipolar Disorder– Bipolar disorder is characterized by the cyclical occurrence of elevated (manic or hypomanic) and depressed mood states. The illness, which includes the bipolar I and bipolar II subtypes, exacts a heavy toll in terms of quality of life, functioning, morbidity, comorbidity, and mortality. A special challenge for diagnosis and treatment is bipolar depression.
A number of studies suggest that patients with bipolar disorder are misdiagnosed on initial presentation, and most often with major depressive disorder. Engaging the patient and family in treatment of bipolar disorder is key to improving patient outcomes. A collaborative relationship with bipolar patients can improve adherence to medications and induce an open, honest dialogue about symptoms and level of functioning.
isorders and unipolar from bipolar depression.
Engage patients with bipolar disorder in an ongoing discussion of pharmacological treatment and regularly review for efficacy and side effects.
Regularly assess all patients with bipolar disorder for metabolic issues related to psychiatric medications and recommend lifestyle changes to improve health.

1.5 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners which includes 0.75 Pharmacology Hours

This course also offers Free CME for PAs

Expires 3/4/17

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Free CE for RT: Managing Critically Ill Neonatal Patients- Ventilation of ELBW Infants

elbwChallenges in Ventilation of Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW) Infants: Managing critically ill neonatal patients using various ventilation practices- The World Health Organization and the March of Dimes estimate that 15 million infants are born premature each year, accounting for 1 in 10 babies born worldwide. Many of these infants will develop Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) and other complications that require increased respiratory support. Studies have evaluated early antenatal corticosteroids and surfactant replacement therapy, individualized intubation strategies and lung protective strategies.
To reduce the risk of chronic lung disease from repetitive atelectrauma, volutrauma and oxygen toxicity, clinicians have developed lung-protective strategies. These include noninvasive continuous airway pressure (CPAP), advanced modes of conventional mechanical ventilation—both volume targeting and optimizing positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP)—and an open lung concept with high frequency ventilation.
Reviews ventilation challenges with extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants.
Current ventilation practices, devices and review of the literature.
Clinical cases and management of ELBW infants.

1.0 Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists


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Person Centered Dining: The New Standard- Free CPEUs for Dieticians

person centered diningPerson Centered Dining-This course will help the clinician understand the New Dining Standards and the culture change of Person-Centered Care in Long-Term Care. The Pioneer Network in partnership with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are working together to influence culture change in Long-Term Care.
List the New Dining Practice Standards.
Explain how the approval of professional associations of the New Dining Standards impacts Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) survey process.
Name the three organizations, whose evidence based research, was used in support of the New Dining Practice Standards.

1.0 Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians

This course also offers Free CEUs for Dietary Technicians


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Changing Specialties in Three Easy Steps- Free CEU for Nurses

CE678_WebPhotoChanging Specialties in Three Easy Steps
Identify three steps to managing a specialty change
Describe how to research a potential specialty
Discuss how to prepare to make a career change

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

Free until 5/11/16 logoPrint

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Advanced Practice: Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

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Free CNA CEU- Improving A Resident’s Bathing Experience

showerBathing with Dignity for Caregivers -Research has shown that as many as half of nursing home residents get distressed during bathing. This distress is a serious problem: a close look at facility incident reports will show a large percentage of them related to bathing. This distress also spreads to other residents and creates a negative living environment.
Fortunately, there are simple, practical ways to greatly improve the bathing experience. In this course we’ll share some thoughts and ideas with you about how to make bathing more pleasant for residents and caregivers through a more adaptable, personalized approach. The course offers both an education component, as well as an interactive virtual competency simulation that allows caregivers the chance to practice what they’ve learned.
Review the five steps towards bathing.
Understand how to turn small changes into a culture shift.
Identify why caregivers can feel like residents on numerous occasions.

1.0 Free CEUs for Certified Nursing Assistants


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2.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists- Zika Virus Disease

zika2Zika Virus (ZIKV)– Zika fever is a mosquito-borne illness that in humans can cause fever, malaise, and cutaneous rash. Zika virus (ZIKV) was first isolated in Uganda in 1947 and has since spread from the continent of Africa to many other areas of the world, including Oceania, and South and Central America. This course describes how the Zika virus is transmitted via the Aedes aegypti mosquito as well as clinical signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
Outline the historical emergence of Zika virus from Africa to the Americas.
Explain the way in which the Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits the Zika virus.
Describe the usual clinical signs and symptoms of Zika viral infection.
Relate the factors involved in the preliminary diagnosis of Zika viral disease.
Describe how Zika infection is confirmed biologically in humans.
Discuss the usual treatment options for a person infected with Zika virus.
Outline several prevention measures currently in use to combat the spread of Zika virus.

2.0  Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Occupational Therapists


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Free CE for SLPs- Treatment Strategies for English Language Learners with Language Impairments

st aprilPractical Assessment and Treatment Strategies for English Language Learners (ELLs) With Language Impairments– Many SLPs face the challenge of assessing and evaluating English language learners (ELLs) whose primary language they do not know in order to ascertain whether students are manifesting a language difference or a language impairment. There are no formal tests to administer to ELLs who speak a language such as Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Russian, but SLPs must find a way to evaluate the student in a legal, nonbiased manner.
-In this session, Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin provides practical tools that SLPs can use with ELLs ages 3-18 from any language background. The course also touches on intervention, specifically language of intervention and practical strategies for increasing the vocabulary skills of ELLs with language impairments
use a specific questionnaire to interview the parent of an ELL with a potential language impairment
use practical tools (handouts) to evaluate the language skills of an ELL from any language background
explain why bilingual intervention is ideal for an ELL with a language impairment

0.05  Free CEUs for Speech Therapists

Expires 4/30/16

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Free CE for OT- Medication Managment for Seniors

medminderSeniors and Medication Management– Research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network, indicates that as the number of prescription medications a person ages 70 or older takes increases, so do challenges with medication management and potential health risks. Discover the ways medication can jeopardize an older adult’s health and independence. Learn about a solutions guide created by Home Instead that could help families and their older loved ones pinpoint potential threats and start the conversations that can potentially lead to effective solutions

1.0  Free CEUs for Occupational Therapists

Expires 5/2/16

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Free CME for Physicians- Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Patient’s With Alzheimer’s Disease

alzheimers word cloudApplying Science to the Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease– Describe the most current understanding of the pathophysiology of AD, including risk factors. Utilize current criteria for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and AD. Discuss the differential diagnosis of MCI and dementia based on individual patients. List the common biomarkers for diagnosing AD. Review criteria for the staging of AD dementia. Discuss current and emerging treatment options for AD. Implement best practices for managing comorbid conditions, and managing treatment expectations.

0.75 Free AMA Pra CAT 1 CME for Physicians

Expires 4/1/17


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HPV Vaccinations for Adolescents: Understanding Disease Burden- Free CEU for Nurses

immunizationThe Importance of Adolescent Vaccinations: An Online Skills Workshop in Communication Techniques and Understanding Disease Burden– Illustrate the clinical burden of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related disease. Summarize the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendation for HPV vaccination for adolescents. Recognize the role of HPV vaccination in cancer prevention
Assist parents/caregivers in making an informed decision to have their children vaccinated against HPV infection . Employ strategies for communicating a strong and effective HPV vaccination recommendation. Integrate approaches for improving vaccination rates among adolescents.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists

Expires 2/7/17


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2.0 Free ASRT CEUs for Rad Techs- Improving Medication Safety

improving rx safetyImproving Medication Safety in the Radiology Setting– Radiology departments often use medications in ways that are different from other clinical areas of the hospital, and staff may not be aware of the significant safety issues that can arise. This webinar will explore current medication safety issues in the radiology setting, such the safe use of contrast, appropriate labeling of containers, beyond-use dating, and patient identification. Nationally known experts will discuss actual cases in which errors have occurred, and will describe risk-reduction strategies, including use of technology and best practices. Faculty will also discuss an Imaging Bulk Package for contrast recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as regulatory and Joint Commission accreditation requirements for use of contrast and other medications in radiology.
Describe how medications and contrast agents are ordered, stored, prepared, and utilized in the radiology setting.
Explain the difference between the new FDA classification of an imaging bulk package vs. a pharmacy bulk package of contrast, and why the FDA developed this new product type.
Identify system-based causes of medication errors associated with the use of medications and contrast agents in radiology.
Prioritize selected strategies to prevent harm and improve medication safety in radiology.
Describe current regulatory and accreditation requirements related to the use of medications and contrast agents in radiology, and the role of the pharmacy in assuring compliance to the standards.

2.0 Free ASRT CEUs for Radiologic Technicians

This course also offers Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires  6-15-18

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Bracco Diagnostics.
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1.5 Free CEUs for Social Workers- Treating Food Disorders

eating disorderWhole-Person Treatment of Food Disorders– This workshop will discuss why it takes more than a single professional to support recovery from a food disorder, looking at how emotional, relational, physical and spiritual factors are involved in the disorder and the path to recovery.
List the bio/psycho/social components present in a whole-person approach to treatment and recovery from eating disorders.
Explain the changes to criteria between the DSM-IV-TR and the DSM-V for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge-Eating Disorder.
List seven common spiritual issues of an eating disorder patient, as well as analyze the ten false beliefs held by eating disorder patients that hinder a spiritual connection in treatment and recovery.

1.5 Free CEUs for Social Workers

This course also offers Free CEUs for Registered Dieticians

Treatment Solutions
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Free Sleep CEU- Managing Sleep Disturbances in Psychiatric Patients

psych sleepManaging Sleep Disturbances in Psychiatric Patients
Discuss the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in psychiatric patients.
Individualize treatment choices, giving consideration to efficacy, safety, long-term data, and unique patient characteristics.
Formulate appropriate treatment regimens considering the emergence of new investigative agents.
Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families.

1.0 Free CEUs for Sleep Technologists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians



Supported by independent educational grants from Forest, Jazz, Lundbeck, Merk, Sunovion, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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Managing Idiopathic Overactive Bladder- Free CEUs for Advanced Practice Nurses

oabBest Practice Recommendations for Management of Overactive Bladder in the Elderly -Advanced practice gerontological nurses are uniquely positioned to effectively and safely manage elderly patients presenting with symptoms of idiopathic overactive bladder (OAB) and impact outcomes throughout their continuum of care. This activity, based on a recent live symposium, aims to provide nurses and nurse practitioners who manage elderly patients with a better understanding of the differential diagnosis of OAB, goals of therapy, benefits and limitations of behavioral and pharmacologic interventions, and expected outcomes from treatment. Emphasis is placed on effective communication techniques and patient counseling strategies to enhance adherence to OAB therapy, minimize treatment-related adverse effects, and improve treatment satisfaction.
Employ effective communication strategies for screening and diagnosis of overactive bladder (OAB).
Describe the benefits and specific limitations of current management approaches for OAB, including behavioral modifications and other approved interventions, in elderly patients.
Manage treatment-emergent adverse events and therapy modification to improve clinical outcomes in elderly patients.
List strategies to improve adherence to treatments in the elderly patient population.
Detail the pros and cons of currently prescribed OAB medication in the elderly population.

1.5 Free CME for Nurse Practitioners

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 11/3/16

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Discharging Patients for Home Infusion- 2.0 Free CEUs for Case Managers

home infusionOvercoming Barriers to Discharge for Home Infusion
Identify patients at risk for challenges that may delay discharge if not addressed early. (for discharge planners and social workers).
List three strategies for planning early discharges.
Discuss patient selection criteria for home infusion therapy.
Identify strategies for overcoming barriers to on-time discharge.

2.0 Free CEUs for Case Managers

This course also offers Free CEUs for Social Workers


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