Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis- Free CEU for Respiratory Therapists

ipfGuiding Patients Through Decisions in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF): The Respiratory Therapists’ Role– Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a rare, progressive lung disease that greatly impacts patients’ quailty of life and diminishes life expectancy. New therapies are available that slow function decline. These therapies are used in combination with oxygen supplementation, pulmonary rehabilitation, symptomatic treatment, and supportive care. This program will discuss the prevalence, signs and symptoms, and diagnostic criteria for IPF as well as compare and contrast available therapies and formulate strategies for comprehensive management of symptoms.
Outline the prevalence, signs and symptoms, and diagnostic criteria for IPF.
Compare and contrast available therapies for IPF.
Formulate strategies for comprehensive management of symptoms.
Effectively counsel IPF patients on available therapies and supportive care.
Identify patients with IPF who may benefit from intensification of therapy.

1.0 Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists

Expires 12/31/17

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This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Free CEU for CNAs- Fire Prevention and Disaster Preparedness (NAHCA)

fire-prevention-cnaFire Prevention and Basic Disaster Preparedness in Long Term Care (NAHCA)
Identify potential sources of heat and fuel.
Describe the appropriate fire response for a nursing care center. Discuss some basic disaster preparedness tips for nursing care facilities.

1.0 Free CEUs for Certified Nursing Assistants

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6.0 Free CEUs for Nurses- Environmental Health

enviroEnvironmental Health: An Integrative Approach – Environmental health is based on the premise that what we eat or are exposed to in our environment has a direct effect upon our health. It examines the impact of air pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, toxins and other environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations. From historical environmental events like lead poisoning in ancient Rome to the potential impact of phthalates in modern times, this course explores the interaction between the environment and human health, and its role in mediating disease.
Appraise the emerging research links between environmental toxins and the documented rise of complex chronic illness; such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancers, neurodevelopmental disorders and reproductive health, and identify how an integrative medicine model may be applied in both prevention and treatment.
Identify the primary categories of chemical toxins present in the environment, and interpret how their mechanism of actions may impact human health.
Recognize and identify the range of toxins known to demonstrate endocrine disruptor activity in humans.
Identify vulnerable patient populations in terms of environmental toxin exposures.
Apply a structured approach to taking an environmental medicine history that includes consideration of potential toxins in air, land, and water.
Acquire familiarity with consumer resources that can help individuals reduce unnecessary environmental toxin exposures, and recognize how cultural and socioeconomic status may influence their number of exposures and ability to limit exposure.
Assess the impact of some of the emerging technologies and agricultural practices on environmental medicine and how they are affecting human health.
Identify several resources for patients and clinicians interested in environmental advocacy.

6.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 1/8/18


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Therapies for Migraine Headache- Free CME for Physicians

migraine2The Emerging Science of Prophylactic Therapies for Migraine– Patients with frequent migraines and/or who experience functional disability need preventative migraine treatment. However, studies have shown that of the 38% of patients who stand to benefit from prophylactic therapy, only 3-13% of them actually receive it. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) monoclonal antibodies are under clinical investigation and constitute a new prophylactic migraine therapy class. Increased physician attention when individualizing treatment plans to maximize therapy efficacy and minimize side effects as well as managing headache triggers and existing comorbidities continue to be vital strategies as new agents emerge and when maximizing patient function.
Illustrate how to factor multiple patient-specific characteristics into the treatment plan when managing migraines.
Examine and discuss the emerging science associated with calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their role in migraine prevention.
Highlight strategies and tools to assess the impact of migraine on daily functioning and quality of life in order to generate a more personalized and inclusive treatment plan.

1.0 Free AMA Pra CAT 1 CME for Physicians

Expires 12/29/17

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Lilly
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Free Pharmacology Hours for Nurse Practitioners- Improving Outcomes in Heart Failure

broken heartMeeting Quality Measures and Improving Outcomes in Heart Failure Patients With Comorbidities: Where Do New Therapies Fit? Describe the interrelationships of pathophysiology in heart failure (HF) and metabolic syndrome.
Assess how current HF therapies can be used synergistically in the treatment of patients with comorbid metabolic syndrome.
Evaluate the efficacy and safety of newly approved therapies for treating patients with HF and comorbid metabolic syndrome.

1.0 Free Contact Hours for Nurse Practitioners which includes 1.0 Hours of Pharmacology

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians, Pharmacists, and Registered Dieticians

Expires 12/16/17

naccme logocardiometabolic-risk-summitEducational funding donation provided by Amgen and an educational grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
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Free SLP CEU- Intro to Oropharyngeal Dysphagia

dysphagiaIntro to Oropharyngeal Dysphagia and its Prevalence– This course begins with a review of the primary factors that designate dysphagia as a serious threat to the geriatric population. Specifically, it provides detailed information relating to the actual definition of dysphagia, the best calculated prevalence rates and a thoughtful description of the social and economic burden that it imposes on patients, families and caregivers. The next session provides a detailed summary of the challenges that are involved in carrying over clinical research outcomes into daily clinical practice. Barriers to knowledge translation impact all members of the healthcare continuum and ultimately limit patient access to novel and exciting clinical breakthroughs. Clinical practice guidelines can help develop an enhanced pathway towards knowledge translation. The course concludes with a review of factors that elevate overall risk of nosocomial aspiration-related pneumonias. Specific description of dysphagia as well as a strong emphasis on oral bacteria as precursors for development of this condition.
Define and describe dysphagia and the commonalities that exist in terms of the impact that it plays on affected populations.
Speak to challenges that exist in developing and implementing results from sound dysphagia research.
Discuss the relationship that exists between dysphagia and aspiration in medically fragile patients.

0.1  Free ASHA CEUs for Speech Therapists


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Free Wound Care CEUs for Nurses- A Guide to Wound Bed Preparation

granulationStimulating Granulation Tissue in Wounds with Instillation: A Guide to Wound Bed Preparation– Describe the role of wound bed preparation to facilitate normal endogenous processes of healing and enhance the effects of advanced therapies in the management of wounds.
Describe the role of debridement in the wound bed preparation cycle and determine the most effective method based on the status of the wound.
Evaluate the effectiveness of negative-pressure wound therapy in promoting granulation tissue in chronic wounds.
Review the role of wound cleansing in wound bed preparation and compare and contrast cleansing techniques and solutions.
Review clinical evidence supporting the use of instillation therapy in managing a variety of wound types.

1.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians, Podiatrists, and Pharmacists

Expires 11/30/17

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Free CE for PT- Parkinson’s Disease

pt11_4_webParkinson’s Disease and Physical Therapy– More than 1 million people have Parkinson’s disease (PD), and by 2020 there may be 40 million more. The corpus striatum in the cerebral hemisphere, the subthalamic nucleus in the diencephalon, and the substantia nigra in the midbrain interconnect to form the basal ganglia. When the substantia nigra doesn’t produce enough dopamine, signs and symptoms of PD become apparent. Physical therapists need to be knowledgeable about this disease to execute treatment protocols designed to challenge specific deficits that affect overall performance of everyday activities.
Explain the pathogenesis of PD.
Identify common clinical manifestations/movement disorders in people with PD.
Discuss tests and measures as well as treatment for patients with PD.
1.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

Free until 3/17/17

Gannett Education

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2.0 Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers- Zika Virus: The Pandemic Threat

zika-3Zika: The Pandemic Threat
Identify the signs and symptoms of Zika virus infection.
Discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for pregnant women and testing of infants with possible congenital infection with Zika virus.
List the prevention measures for mosquitoborne illness.
Describe how the interprofessional team can collaborate to promote improved outcomes and prevent Zika virus infection.

2.0 Free CEUs for Case Managers

Free until  2/4/17

Gannett Education
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Free Sleep CEU- Screening for Sleep Apnea

medical-questonnaireOptions for Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)– This course will cover various co-morbidities associated with OSA, understanding OSA’s role in occupational health, and discuss pulse oximetry, how it works and why it is different.

1.0 Free CEUs for Sleep Technologists

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Elastrography for Liver Fibrosis Assessment- Free ASRT CEUs for Rad Techs

liver-usUltrasound Shear Wave Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Assessment – Liver biopsy has been considered the reference standard for fibrosis assessment and stage classification but it’s invasive and can have interobserver variability at microscopic evaluation with potentially severe complications. Ultrasound elastography is a noninvasive method for liver fibrosis assessment and is beginning to replace liver biopsy as a method for diagnosis and follow-up.
Diagnosis and staging of liver disease, as well as varying methods and techniques to diagnose.
How to combine a routine ultrasound imaging exam of the liver anatomy with targeted tissue stiffness values.
How liver elastography can help you evaluate and follow up on patients under treatment to monitor progression, stabilization or regression of liver disease.
The potential for change utilizing elastography in clinical practice and reduction in medical costs.

1.0 Free ASRT CEUs for Radiologic Technicians

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4.0 Free CEUs for Advanced Nurse Practitioners: Preventive Health Care

preventive-healthcarePreventive Health Care– Screening is an effective method for detecting and preventing acute and chronic diseases. In the United States healthcare tends to be provided after someone has become unwell and medical attention is sought. Poor health habits play a large part in the pathogenesis and progression of many common, chronic diseases. Conversely, healthy habits are very effective at preventing many diseases. The common causes of chronic disease and prevention are discussed with a primary focus on the role of health professionals to provide preventive healthcare and to educate patients to recognize risk factors and to avoid a chronic disease.

4.0 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners which includes 0.5 Free Hours of Pharmacology


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The Role of Over-the-Counter Products in Healthcare: Free CEU for Nurses

245The Changing Role of OTC Products in Health Care– This activity has been developed for physicians and nurses whose practice calls upon them to advise patients who may benefit from using over-the-counter products as part of a self-directed healthcare regimen. The roles of generic OTC and store-brand products are reviewed, as well as the ongoing trend of medications switching from prescription-only to OTC status. Despite their perceived safety, OTC products can be associated with adverse effects. Important updates on the safe use of OTC products for peptic ulcer disease, allergies, birth control, pain management, and overactive bladder are also discussed.
Describe the evolving patient attitudes toward healthcare and wellness, specifically in the context of OTC medications.
List the products that have moved from prescription-only to OTC status.
Describe the most common medication problems with specific OTC medications.
Identify the economic implications of brand, generic, and store brand products.

1.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offeers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 7/23/17

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Free CE for OT- Preparing the Home After Discharge from Hospital

communicating with the elderlyHospital to Home Preparation for Seniors– The costs of hospital readmissions—physical, financial, and emotional—are staggering. If you have a client who is about to return home from a hospital stay, or are a caregiver to an older adult in this situation, this web seminar will help to avoid unnecessary readmissions through preparing the home (and yourself) for the older adult’s return. Crucial aspects on what to expect the first day—and the first month—after they return home will also be detailed.
Review reasons people are readmitted to hospital.
Discuss ways to prepare early for an older adult’s return
home from a hospital stay.
Identify warning signs in the first hours and days of
returning home.
Pinpoint the best transitional care points for an older
adult’s first 30 days back at home..
Review results of a pilot study.
Discuss resources .

1.0  Free AOTA CEUs for Occupational Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Social Workers

Expires 2/7/17

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2.0 Free CEUs for SW- Effective Discharge Planning for Home Infusion Patients

iv fluidsOvercoming Barriers to Discharge for Home Infusion
Reviews the transition from Hospital to home for patients requiring home infusion. Addresses some of the requirements of and strategies for effective discharge planning,
as well as some of the common challenges to discharge and potential interventions for overcoming them.

2.0 Free CEUs for Social Workers

This course also offers Free CEUs for Certified Case Managers


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Free CCMC CEU for Case Managers: Care Coordination, Nutrition and Discharge Planning- Impact on HCAHPS

nutrition heartNUTRITION, DISCHARGE PLANNING AND CARE COORDINATION: THE IMPACT ON HCAHPS– Discuss the questions and related care practices that have the strongest impact on overall Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) score.
Describe how to incorporate best practices to enhance discharge and transition planning with nutrition-related approaches.
Review the importance of discharge and transition planning in comprehensive care coordination.

1.0  Free CCMC CEUs for Certified Case Managers

This course also offers Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians

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Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease- Free CEU for Nurses

ad_12_02l_philadelphiaRecognizing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Moving Towards Early Diagnosis and Disease Management– Describe the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and the roles of clinical assessment and biomarkers in the workup of cognitive impairment.
Recognize the importance of early diagnosis, and identify challenges in obtaining an early and accurate diagnosis of AD versus other causes of cognitive impairment.
Utilize diagnostic algorithms and tools to assist in the detection of cognitive impairment, and discuss their use in the clinic.
Review current treatment approaches and investigational therapies for the early stages of AD, their mechanisms of action and clinical updates.
Discuss the individualization of AD management based on stage, comorbidities, the presence and type of additional symptoms, and other patient-related factors.
Develop strategies for improving communication with patients with early AD and their caregivers and for referring their families to local and national support structures.

1.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires 12/9/17


Supported by an Educational Grant from Lilly USA, LLC
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Free CE for PT- Arthritis and Depression: Increasing Awareness and Improving Care

depressedComorbidity of Arthritis and Depression in African/American, Caucasian and Hispanic/Latina Women: Increasing Awareness, Improving Care
Define health disparity in relation to arthritis, depression and associated comorbidities.
Explain the pathophysiology, risk factors and interventions for osteoarthritis.
Identify characteristics of depression, including prevalence, etiology, and provider diagnosis and treatment patterns.
Compare the use of common screening tools for depression and behavioral health issues.
Discuss the cultural beliefs of African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos with respect to seeking care for mental health
Describe the types of physical activity appropriate for those with arthritis, and how this mobility alleviates symptoms
Delineate characteristics of a culturally competent healthcare practitioner, and steps that may be taken to improve care.

2.0  Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

Expires 5/2018


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