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The Role of the Case Manager in Managing the Patient with Heart Failure

Managing the Patient with Heart Failure: The Role of the Case Manager as a Team Member – Describe the high incidence and burden of Heart Failure (HF) and the factors that may contribute to the “HF paradox” – increases in … Continue reading

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Part I of II- Free CEUs for Sleep Techs

Course 301: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)- Review the impact and epidemiology of OSA. Recognize the various risk factors for OSA as well as its basic physiology. Identify the main approaches for diagnosing and treating OSA.   0.5  Free CEUs for Sleep … Continue reading

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Therapies for Migraine Headache- Free CME for Physicians

The Emerging Science of Prophylactic Therapies for Migraine– Patients with frequent migraines and/or who experience functional disability need preventative migraine treatment. However, studies have shown that of the 38% of patients who stand to benefit from prophylactic therapy, only 3-13% … Continue reading

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2.0 Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers- Zika Virus: The Pandemic Threat

Zika: The Pandemic Threat Identify the signs and symptoms of Zika virus infection. Discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for pregnant women and testing of infants with possible congenital infection with Zika virus. List the prevention measures … Continue reading

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Insulin Resistance- Free CPEU for Registered Dieticians

A Dietary Approach to Insulin Resistance and Associated Conditions– Discuss the importance of dietary therapy in the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance Explain how specific macronutrients and foods affect insulin resistance. Analyze the latest research on the role of … Continue reading

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December 2016 Newsletter: Subscribe Today – It’s Free!

Our Latest Monthly Newsletters Were Published Today! Don’t Miss the Next Issue, Subscribe Today! To View December 2016 Editions, Click Any Link Below: Medicine: Pharmacisits, Therapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, Case Managers Nursing Advanced Practice: Physicians & Nurse Practitioners

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Free CE for RT- Waste Anesthesia Gases: Risks and Prevention Strategies

Waste Anesthesia Gases in the Healthcare Environment: Risks and Prevention Strategies– Describe the health consequences from chronic low dose exposure to waste anesthetic gases. List the availability of scavenging to minimize exposures to waste anesthetic gases. Identify government agencies to … Continue reading

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4 Free CEUs for Nurses- Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care– Screening is an effective method for detecting and preventing acute and chronic diseases. In the United States healthcare tends to be provided after someone has become unwell and medical attention is sought. Poor health habits play a … Continue reading

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Free Social Worker CEUs- How Hormones Affect Addictive Behavior

Hormones, Health, and Addictive Behavior– Overview of key hormones, their functions and how to test for them. How hormones affect behavior, especially with those with addictions. Understanding the approaches used to treat hormonal imbalances.   1.5 Free CEUs for Social … Continue reading

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2.0 Free CEUs for Case Managers- Current Transitional Care Models

Transitions of Care- A Path to Quality Outcomes– The purpose of this continuing education program is to familiarize nurses with the concept of care transitions and their impact on patient outcomes and avoidable readmissions. After studying the information presented here, … Continue reading

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Free ARRT CEU for Rad Techs- Visceral Fat: The Invisible Health Risk

Visceral Fat: The Invisible Health Risk– It is well-established that both the distribution and volume of fat, especially visceral adipose tissue (VAT), is a predictor of future health. While normal amounts of visceral fat pad and protect organs, an excess … Continue reading

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Free CE for Pharmacists: Contraceptives- A Call for Pharmacists to Communicate with Patients

Contraceptives: A Call for Pharmacists to Rethink and Engage in Communication with Patients– Identify various forms of currently available contraceptives and their effectiveness. Given a specific patient history, compare and contrast various contraceptives to determine the most appropriate contraceptive for … Continue reading

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Free CE for PT- Musculoskeletal Disparities Related To Women

Musculoskeletal Disparities: African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic/Latina Women- An Overview for the Physical Therapist– Describe the impact of musculoskeletal diaparities related to women, African American and Hispanic/Latina women. Define obesity and its relationship to osteoarthritis in women, African American and … Continue reading

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Free CE for RT- Rapid Response Teams: Consensus and Controversy

In-Hospital Resuscitation:Early Intervention and Rescue- Rapid Response Systems:Consensus and Controversy– Of the more than 300,000 cardiac arrests that occur annually in the United States, survival rates are typically less than 10% for out-of-hospital events and less than 20% for in-hospital … Continue reading

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Insurance Billing and Coding for Obesity Medicine- Free CEUs for Advanced Practice Nurses

Insurance Billing & Coding– As the obesity epidemic progresses, healthcare professionals should look toward educational forums to learn about the most modern advances in research, treatment, and best business practices to improve the quality of life for individuals who are obese … Continue reading

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Free CE for Pharmacists- Guidelines for Managing Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting

Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting: The Pharmacist’s Role in Integrating Clinical Guidelines into Patient Care– Evaluate new and revised strategies for Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) management based on emerging data and updates to national and international guidelines. Review the data supporting … Continue reading

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Free CME for Dieticians- Weight Issues in Menopausal Women

Addressing Weight Issues in Menopausal Women– Describe the relationship between hormonal changes during perimenopause and increases in total body fat and abdominal body fat. Analyze non-hormonal factors that significantly contribute to weight gain in peri- and postmenopausal women. Define the increased … Continue reading

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Disaster Preparedness- Free CEU for CNA

Personal Preparedness– Disasters can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Community volunteers, hospital workers, and public health staff members may be called on to help with a community response to a disaster. In order to respond effectively in such an emergency, these … Continue reading

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