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3.0 Free CEUs for Nurses- Multiple Sclerosis: Advanced Practice Modules

Advanced Practice Modules in Multiple Sclerosis– Describe key advances in research on MS immunopathogenesis to explain the rationale for new and emerging disease-modifying therapies. Incorporate requisite knowledge and competencies for making accurate differential diagnoses of MS. Assess the utility of … Continue reading

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Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis- 1.5 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Year in Review: Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis–¬†Assess the impact of unmet treatment needs for patients with MS. Summarize key recent evidence on the efficacy and safety of emerging therapies for relapsing and progressive forms of MS. Describe … Continue reading

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Free CEUs for Certified Case Managers- Your Role in Caring for the Patient with MS

Patient-Centered Care for the Patient with Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of the Case Manager–¬†Define how the decline in QoL in MS patients impacts productivity Determine the issues that complicate and interrupt early diagnosis, treatment, and medication adherence. Review current understanding … Continue reading

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2.0 Free AANP CEUs for Nurse Practitioners- Your MS Patient

Your MS Patient: How to Accurately Diagnose, Manage and Collaborate with the Neurologist–¬†Demonstrate ability to diagnose MS based on appropriate criteria benefits of each treatment option. Describe the latest evidence-based therapeutic regimens for RRMS, including the risks and benefits of … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Approach- Free CME for Physicians

A Comprehensive Approach to the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Managing the Disease, Its Symptoms, and Quality of Life– Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common neurological disorders. While some individuals with MS experience little disability, it is the … Continue reading

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MRI in Multiple Sclerosis- Free AANP CME for Nurse Practitioners

Multiple Sclerosis and Pain; Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis– Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complicated central nervous system disease that affects up to 400,000 people in the United States and 2.5 million worldwide. Despite intense research, no … Continue reading

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Free Pharmacology Hours for Nurse Practitioners

Improving Ambulation in MS– Identify ways to assess lower extremity function and walking performance. Use at least one walking performance assessment. List useful aids for ambulation in MS patients. Describe useful physical therapeutic approaches to aid ambulation in MS patients. … Continue reading

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Free Pharmacology for Nurse Practitioners- Multiple Scelorosis

MS Management: The Immunosupression Debate– List the immunologic pathways that are involved in the pathophysiology of MS. Identify therapeutic agents that can block specific pathophysiologic pathways in MS. Identify the types of adverse events that may be associated with blocking … Continue reading

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