Drug Cultures and the Culture of Recovery- Free CEUs for Social Workers

addictionDrug Cultures and the Culture of Recovery– This course identifies drug cultures as a domain that requires proficiency in clinical skills, programmatic development, and administrative practices. It explores drug cultures in regards to: their concept; their relationship to mainstream culture; their values and rituals; and how and why people value their participation in such cultures. This course goes on to describe how counselors can determine a client’s level of involvement in, and identify and develop alternatives to their drug cultures, along with the importance of assisting clients in developing a culture of recovery.
Define what a drug culture is, what it stands for, and how it pertains to certain groups in society.
Discuss how drug cultures differ from each other.
Enumerate the factors involved in youth seeking out substance use.
Explain the most important motive for dealing drugs among relatively affluent college students.
Investigate the problems associated with continued substance use and obtaining treatment for people with substance use disorders that experience discrimination.
Examine the instrumental and social functions that substance-related rituals serve for those using drugs.

1.0 Free CEUs for Social Workers

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