10 Free CEUs for Nurses- Neonatal Nursing Course

infant handMosby’s Neonatal Nursing Series 7– a collection of 7 lessons from a complete neonatal nursing course developed by neonatal nurse experts for nurses working in the neonatal unit. These lessons offer a blended learning experience that includes interactive online activities that correspond to reading assignments in the e-book provided. Learning is enhanced with video clips, animations, photos, and access to additional resources within the lesson including drug information and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Guidelines for Neonatal Nursing Policies, Procedures, Competencies, and Clinical Pathways.
Cardiac-Fetal/Neonatal Circulation
Hematologic: Jaundice/RBC/Platelet Disorders
NICU Environment/Kangaroo Care/Co-Bedding
Pain Management
Palliative Care (End of Life)
Pulmonary System: PPHN/MAS/ECMO
Transition to Home

10.49 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians


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6 Responses to 10 Free CEUs for Nurses- Neonatal Nursing Course

  1. Gabriela Murphy RNC says:

    How do I go about getting the 10 free Ceus for neonatal nursing?…

  2. Amy says:

    The NICU one no longer working?

    • freeceus says:

      Class sponsored by Pediatric Nutrition CE & Mosby’s. It would appear the sponsoring site reset their page links since we posted this course. We have corrected it on our end; course still available and all links should work. Thanks for the information.

  3. Megan says:

    Is this Neonatal course still available??

    • freeceus says:

      As of today, 3/19/14, the course is still available. Sponsored by Elsevier/Mosby with educational grant from Mead/Johnson, the course is posted on our Nursing CEU bulletin board about half way down the page, clicking the course title will take you to the sign in page where you can create an account and log into the course.

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