Strategies for Better Communication- Free CEU for Registered Dieticians

ce344_4_webStaying Cool Under Fire: How Well Do You Communicate?– Working in the healthcare field requires outstanding communication skills. Communication, the transfer of understanding from one person to another, is the basis of the nurse-patient relationship. Skillful communication is essential for clinical practice and team building and for maintaining a satisfying work climate. In fact, the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important areas in which healthcare professionals need to be experts. As healthcare providers, we encounter distressed people daily and need to find ways to relate that can help relieve their distress without upsetting us. All health professionals must be prepared to deal with the negative emotions expressed by patients, family members and colleagues as well as with their own response to anger and distress.
Identify three primary communication styles.
Discuss ways in which men and women differ in their communication style and stimuli for anger.
Discuss strategies to communicate with people who are upset or angry.

1.0 Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians

Free until  8/20/16

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