2.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists- How to Use the STEADI Fall Risk Toolkit

fall preventionWhat’s All the Fuss Over Falls?– Each year, millions of older adults fall, and many sustain life-changing injuries. Physical therapists are perfectly poised to take lead on the public health team in fall prevention. Use and dissemination of simple, evidence-based, user-friendly tools empower PTs and all healthcare practitioners, public health staff, and caregivers to proactively identify those older adults at heightened risk for falling BEFORE the first fall.
This program will teach physical therapists how and when to use the CDC’s STEADI fall risk toolkit, as well as how to skillfully interpret the results for each individual tested. This is the first step in a comprehensive fall prevention program, utilizing evidence-based tools to augment your PT practice and prevent that first fall!
Knowledgeably discuss the epidemiology and prevalence of falls among community-dwelling older adults in the U.S.
Understand that fall risk is multifactorial and that some risks are modifiable.
Objectively screen for fall risk in community-dwelling older adults.
Interpret the results of the fall risk screening measures presented.
Develop an effective action plan for abatement of an individual’s fall risk.
Institute an evidence-based fall risk screening program in a medical and/or community setting.

2.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists


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