Free Nursing CEUs- Managing Hemophilia

cet_home_imgHemophilia Management Primer and Toolbox for Managed Care Professionals– Hemophilia is an expensive chronic condition; annual costs can average $250,000 or more for severe patients. Optimal outcomes require a collaborative and coordinated patient experience. The collaborative team can include an insurer, hemophilia treatment center (HTC), and specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacy services can support patient adherence to treatment and assist physicians, plans, and employers in meeting clinical and/or financial goals. This enduring material, jointly sponsored by the National Hemophilia Foundation, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, and Impact Education, LLC, will emphasize the need for well-coordinated treatment management, the importance of understanding effective ways of using available treatments, and the relevance of collaboration among all stakeholders.
Explain the pathophysiology of hemophilia with and without inhibitors.
Discuss the impact of hemophilia with and without inhibitors on clinical, economic, and psychosocial outcomes.
Assess current and emerging hemophilia therapies with and without inhibitors for children and adults.
Implement the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council quality of care guidelines for the treatment of hemophilia.
Use collaborative care strategies and resources, including hemophilia treatment centers, to improve care coordination for health plan patients with hemophilia.
Recommend hemophilia management policies and protocols to optimize patient outcomes in a managed care setting.
Provide accurate and appropriate counsel as part of the treatment team.
Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families.

1.2 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires 2/29/16

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