Breast Cancer & Pregnancy- Free CEUs for Nurses

pregnantBreast Cancer and Pregnancy: Overlapping of Two Disciplines– Breast cancer in the pregnant woman presents unique challenges in patient care as the oncology nurse has two patients: the woman and her fetus. Oncology nurses should be familiar with the many challenges inherent with making an accurate diagnosis, treatment, and managing patient care in this subset of patients, as well as be familiar with the additional specialists needed on the care team. The incidence of breast cancer in pregnant women is increasing in conjunction with the cultural trend of delaying childbearing until after age 30 years, and nurses need to understand how pregnancy impacts treatment decisions.
List pregnancy-related physiologic changes that challenge making a diagnosis of breast cancer in this patient population.
Identify the diagnostic imaging techniques that are accurate and safe in pregnant women.
Describe treatment options that are safe during pregnancy.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 12/17/15

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