Free Pharmacology Hours for Nurse Practitioners- Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Chronic Pain Managment

intrathecal pain mgtIntrathecal Drug Delivery for Chronic Pain – Selecting Patients and Optimizing Long-term Outcomes– Chronic pain affects an estimated 100 million adults in the United States. Because of the diversity of patient background and of chronic pain conditions, mechanisms, and clinical manifestations, a large population of patients is unable to achieve adequate pain relief or attainable functional goals. When patients are refractory to conventional medical management, intrathecal delivery of analgesics may provide certain advantages. Over the last 3 decades, the more than 300,000 patients who have received implanted pumps for a variety of indications have helped establish intrathecal therapy as a safe and effective method of drug delivery.  Two analgesic agents have been approved for intrathecal use by the US Food and Drug Administration: ziconotide and morphine. Nevertheless, intrathecal therapy may be underutilized owing to poor patient selection, safety concerns, and other systemic barriers. This Interactive Professor™ program will provide data and guidance on evaluating patients who are candidates for intrathecal drug delivery, initiating intrathecal therapy for chronic pain, and tailoring therapy to reflect ongoing monitoring.
Comprehensively evaluate patients with chronic pain who are candidates for intrathecal drug delivery.
Discuss the clinical profiles and prescribing considerations associated with intrathecally delivered analgesic medications, including ziconotide and morphine.
Initiate intrathecal therapy for chronic pain based on an individualized evaluation of potential benefits and risks, previous treatment responses, and an adequate therapeutic trial.
Tailor intrathecal drug therapy to reflect ongoing monitoring for efficacy and treatment-emergent adverse events.

0.5 Free CEUs for Nurse Practitioners which includes 0.5 Free Pharmacology Hours

This course also provides Free CEUs for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires 5/6/16




This activity is supported by an educational grant from Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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