Weight Loss & Low Calorie Sweeteners- Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help with Weight Management?– Weight management is a perpetual hot topic in scientific circles and the media. When it comes to the role of low-calorie sweeteners, research appears to be mixed. Because research about the impact of low- and no-calorie sweeteners on appetite and food intake frequently appears in the news, healthcare professionals must understand the research to make science-based recommendations that help consumers achieve or maintain a healthy weight. This webinar will review the latest science on low-calorie sweeteners and their impact on diet, appetite and weight management and how clinicians can translate this science into practical applications for helping consumers manage their weight and overall health appropriately and effectively.
Identify factors that influence appetite, food intake and eating behavior in human beings that contribute to overweight and obesity.
Describe different no and low calorie sweeteners and their distinct features.
Evaluate results from studies on the impact of low calorie sweeteners on body weight based on study design.
Identify the diet and lifestyle behaviors of people who are regular users of low calorie sweeteners.
Inform patients about the role of low calorie sweeteners in the diet.

1.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Free until 12/31/15

Gannet Education
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