Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians- Understanding Inactivity Physiology

couch potatoUnderstanding Inactivity Physiology– Inactivity physiology represents a paradigm shift for how we think about how lifestyle causes disease. Simply put, the inactivity physiology paradigm says that “too little exercise” is not the same as “too much sitting” (physical inactivity) and that too much sitting has very potent effects on the body contributing to the most common diseases. This course describes the exciting news emerging from the young and rapidly growing field of “inactivity physiology,” which is taking aim at improving health in a sedentary society and targeting some of the most common diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles.
Explain the basic tenets of the inactivity physiology paradigm, including why “too little exercise” is not the same as “too much sitting.”
Assess patient willingness, ability, and readiness to change physical activity behaviors.
Review tools to help patients evolve from an inactive to an active lifestyle and meet the recommended physical activity guidelines.

1.0 Free CEUs for Registered Dieticians

Free until 12/31/15

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