Understanding Contact Lenses- Free CE for Pharmacists

The Eyes Have it – Understanding Contact Lens and Appropriate Care – Most schools of pharmacy do not cover the area of ophthalmology to any appreciable extent in the curriculum, so very few practicing pharmacists have a high level of comfort when dealing with issues relating to the contact lens wearers that they may see on a day to day basis. With millions of people wearing contact lenses, pharmacists routinely deal with contact lens-related questions or concerns. While pharmacists don’t need to be experts on contact lens, this knowledge based program will give them a basic understanding of contact lens and lens care solution capabilities in order to prepare them to give both schedules and appropriate cleaning techniques.
Review the different type of contact lens to include lens care solution compatibilities in order to provide appropriate patient-specific management.
Identify the different contact lens complications and appropriate counseling to include timely referral to patient’s eye care professional.
Outline appropriate patient counseling strategies to maximize patient lens care compliance while minimizing patient problems and “drop-out rates.

1.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Pharmacy Techs

Expires 10/15/15

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