Conflict Resolution: the 50/50 Rule- Free AOTA CEUs for OT

conflict resolutionSolving Communication Issues within Families– Sibling relationships and the quality of an older adult’s care can be at risk due to unresolved family conflicts, but with the approaches outlined in this webinar, caregiving can make families stronger. This webinar will outline the 50/50 Rule, a new program designed to help adult siblings improve communication skills and better care for aging parents. Learn practical tips to open discussions between adult siblings to help them improve communication skills, develop teamwork, make decisions together and divide the workload involved in caring for aging parents.

1.0 Free AOTA CEUs for Occupational Therapists

Expires 2/3/15 

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2 Responses to Conflict Resolution: the 50/50 Rule- Free AOTA CEUs for OT

  1. Christie says:

    How do i do these courses? It only shows the outline and what they will teach but when I click on anything just takes me to another page?

    • freeceus says:

      If you click on a course and the landing page does not list it, the course has been removed because it is either expired and no longer available for credit, or the sponsor is now charging for the course and it is no longer free. Only current and free ceu courses are still listed on the landing pages, but there are plenty to choose from and we update our pages frequently.

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