Foods That Lower Cancer Risk- Free CEU for Dieticians

Plant based dietEating Patterns To Lower Cancer Risk– A predominantly plant-based diet is one of the key elements in recommendations to reduce cancer risk. Multiple ways to achieve this have been identified. In this webinar, we will explore several different patterns: the research behind them and ways that they can be used or adapted to make it easier for people to find a diet to lower cancer risk that works for them as a long-term healthy lifestyle.
dentify, compare and contrast several different predominantly plant-based eating patterns.
Explain current research findings regarding each of these patterns and the potential to reduce cancer risk.
Describe practical steps for making various cancer-protective eating patterns practical and enjoyable.
Translate lessons learned from different eating patterns to steps that can be applied to any eating pattern to enhance its healthfulness and flavor.

1.0 Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians & DTRs

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