Free CME for Physicians- Best Practice Updates in Prevention & Management of Seizure Disorders

seizure disorderTherapeutic Updates, Best Practices, and Barriers to Care in the Prevention and Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders– Epilepsy, which is defined as temporary abnormal excessive synchronous neuronal activity in the brain that results in seizures, is one of the most common neurological disorders and affects more than two million people in the United States. A significant number of patients do not receive sufficient treatment due to inappropriate diagnosis, ineffective treatment and socioeconomic conditions, which results in lower quality of life and poorer health outcomes. In addition, lack of treatment leads to limiting patient’s social life and other normal activities and is associated with cardiometabolic risk factors that predict a shorter lifespan like smoking and obesity.
Describe the pathophysiology and the challenges associated with diagnosis of epileptic seizures.
Apply existing diagnostic recommendations and criteria to practice in the management of epilepsy.
Identify the treatment modalities currently available for management of epilepsy and apply them to patient cases using evidence-based medicine.
Evaluate a treatment plan for a specific patient based on seizure history to optimize safety and efficacy, suggesting modifications for improvement.
Describe the challenges and barriers to care associated with treating patients with epilepsy.

1.0 Free Pra CAT 1 CME for Physicians

Expires 3/22/15

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