Free CEU for Physical Therapy- Temporal Processing & Motor Function

temporal processingIntroduction to Clinical Application of Interactive Metronome©- This informative presentation will challenge you to think about the effectiveness & efficiency of the services you provide to your patients and students. There are numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies that clarify the role of timing in the brain (or what is referred to as temporal processing) to a wide array of human cognitive & motor abilities in both children and adults, including attention/concentration, working memory, executive functions (planning, organizing, self-evaluating, self-control), cognitive processing and speed, speech production and auditory processing, language, reading, learning, and motor control/coordination. You will learn the importance of addressing underlying deficits in timing & rhythm to improve neural efficiency in order to accelerate and exceed expected outcomes. The Interactive Metronome is a patented intervention that improves timing in the brain & body. An overview of the clinical application of Interactive Metronome relevant to a variety of allied health and educational disciplines will be discussed.

1.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Speech Therapists

Offered free of charge by: Interactive Metronome
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