Substance Abuse Prevention- 2.0 Free CEUs for CNAs

drug abuseFocus on Substance Abuse Prevention– Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs is a problem throughout the United States, and communities vary greatly in the specific problems they face, the groups affected by these issues, and actions they take to address these specific concerns. This brief course was designed to assist a wide range of groups and communities to move from concerns about substance abuse to proven and practical solutions. It was created using a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Publication and would be useful to anyone who is interested in helping combat substance abuse issues within communities.
Evaluate the value of a needs assessment to help develop a substance abuse prevention strategy that best fits the community, and determine how to chose a specific prevention issue and a target audience.
Examine the risk and protective factors involved in abuse and how theories about substance abuse prevention can help to shape the actions that are credible and appropriate for substance abuse prevention strategies.
Analyze identified strategies that help shape the substance abuse prevention plan and help to create practical solutions including information dissemination, prevention education, positive alternatives, and environmental strategies.

2.0 Free CEUs for Certified Nursing Assistants

This course also offers Free CEUs for Social Workers 

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