Testosterone Replacement Therapy- Free CPE & Counseling Insights for Pharmacists

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for the Aging Male: Counseling Insights for the Pharmacist– Testosterone deficiency afflicts approximately 30% of men aged 40-79 years, with an increase in prevalence strongly associated with aging and common medical conditions including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Recent estimates show that approximately 13 million men in the United States experience testosterone deficiency and less than 10 percent receive treatment for the condition. Restoring testosterone levels to within the normal range by using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can greatly improve quality of life. However, potential risks for TRT exist.
Pharmacists should play a proactive role in identifying, treating, educating and monitoring patients with low testosterone levels. Pharmacists are in a unique and influential position to help recognize low testosterone patients and initiate patient and health care provider treatment and education. With increasing focus on quality of life and increasing prevalence of age-related conditions, pharmacists will find themselves dispensing more hormone replacement products, in addition to information about the actual condition and the expected effects of treatment.
Review the prevalence, epidemiology and pathophysiology of testosterone deficiency.
Outline the risks, benefits, efficacy, and routes of administration for availabel testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
Identify emerging TRT, including their potential risks and benefits.
Counsel patients on the proper administration/application of TRT.

1.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires 9/30/14

provided by FreeCE.com
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