Update on Patient Sedation- Free Nursing Education

sedated patientON-TARGET PATIENT SEDATION:WAYS TO IMPROVE OUR AIM– With the concept of patient-centered sedation, critical care nursing has entered into a new era. Looking beyond the vital but short-term goals of stabilizing patients and supporting organ systems, the broader implications of sedative selection are coming into clearer focus. Emphasis is shifting toward maximizing the comfort of sedated patients while improving hemodynamic stability, increasing patient cooperation with neurological assessment and therapeutic measures, and reducing time to wean from ventilation. This publication will review the purpose and goals of sedation, as well as rational selection of pharmacologic agents and achievement of their desired effects. Identify factors that influence a successful balance between patient safety and comfort and optimal ventilation. Explain the use of sedation assessment techniques in the ICU, and their utility in protocols for interruption of sedation and extubation . Discuss considerations for the selection of analgesic and sedative agents, including indications, clinical effects, and adverse effects.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 8/8/15

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