Understanding Chest Tubes- Free CEU for Nurses

Understanding Chest Drainage:Chest Drainage as a Therapeutic Intervention

chest tube (chest drain or tube thoracostomy in British medicine or intercostal drain) is a flexible plastic tube that is inserted through the side of the chest into the pleural space. It is used to remove air (pneumothorax) or fluid (pleuraleffusion, blood, chyle), or pus (empyema) from the intrathoracic space. It is also known as a Bülau drain or an intercostal catheter.

Topics covered in depth include: Normal Anatomy and Physiology including-Chest Wall, Mediastinum, Lungs & Respiration. Thoracic System Pathology- Pneumothorax & Pleural Effusion. Chest Drainage Systems- Traditional and New Generation Chest Drains, Gravity Drainage. To Clamp or not to Clamp? Special Considerations for Newborns or Massive Pleural Air Leaks. Nursing Considerations and Trouble shooting.

2.0 FREE CEUs for Nurses (online submission, certificate is mailed)

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