Free ASRT CEU for Radiology Techs- Update on Hand Hygiene

handwashingGetting Your Hands Around Hand Hygiene– It has long been recognized that appropriate hand hygiene reduces the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. In spite of this fact, overall compliance with hand hygiene guidelines continues
to be suboptimal in healthcare facilities. Factors that contribute to this poor compliance include lack of knowledge, understaffing and overcrowding, poor access to handwashing facilities, irritant contact dermatitis of the hands and lack of organizational commitment to appropriate hand hygiene. The purpose of this educational program is to describe the role hands play in the transmission of microorganisms, identify appropriate indications a
and techniques for hand hygiene, and to discuss hand hygiene adherence rates as well as strategies to increase compliance with recommended hand hygiene practices in healthcare facilities.
Describe the role hands play in the transmission of microorganisms.
Identify the recommended indications and techniques for appropriate hand hygiene.
Discuss hand hygiene adherence rates in today’s healthcare.
Explain strategies to increase appropriate hand hygiene adherence.

1.0 Free ASRT CEUs for Radiologic Technicians

This course also offers Free CPEUs for Registered Dieticians

Expires 9/2015

Presented by: Pfiedler
Grant by: Kimberly Clark
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