Free Sleep CEU- Sleep in the Treatment of Chronic Mood Disorders

The Interplay Between Sleep and Bipolar Disorder– The importance of sleep in the treatment of chronic mood disorders is not a new concept. Nearly a century ago, Kraepelin, one of the founders of modern scientific psychiatry, wrote: “The attacks of manic-depressive insanity are invariably accompanied by all kinds of bodily changes. By far the most striking are the disorders of sleep and general nourishment.”
Since these words were shared by Kraepelin, the volume of accumulated literature on the interplay between sleep and mood has substantially increased. In the scientific realm, much is known about the bidirectional relationship of mood and sleep. Clinically, both the influence of disturbed sleep on manic episodes related to bipolar disorder and persistent sleep disturbances in unipolar and bipolar depression highlight the need for clinicians to use a systematic approach in managing sleep complaints in patients with bipolar disorder.
Accurately and routinely administer validated questionnaires to improve detection of sleep disturbances and other residual symptoms in patients with bipolar depression.
Employ evidence-based and measure-based care strategies to optimize outcomes for patients with bipolar depression.

0.25 Free CEUs for Sleep Technologists

This course also offers Free CME for Physicians

Expires 12/24/14

Provided by: CME Outfitters
Sponsored by educational grant from: Teva Pharmaceuticals
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