Free CEUs for Nursing- Reducing the Risk for SIDS

sidsInfant Safe Sleep– Educate about the causes of sleep-related infant death, safe sleep practices to reduce the risk for sudden unexpected sleep-related infant deaths, and ways to motivate parents and caregivers to provide safe sleeping environments for infants.
Examine three major causes of sleep-related infant death.
Indicate three risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome.
Distinguish one of the key risk-reduction practices for safe infant sleep.
Specify one common concern that inhibits parents and caregivers from placing an infant to sleep on its back or in a bed alone.
Select two common reasons why parents and caregivers do not comply with recommendations to reduce risk for sudden unexpected infant death and sudden infant death syndrome.
Specify three ways that health-care providers can effectively communicate safe sleep messages to parents and caregivers.

1.5 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians

Expires 8/15/15

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