Free CEUs for CNAs- All About the HIPPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA: A Clinician’s Guide to Using and Protecting Patient’s Information
-This course is an overview of the foundation for understanding the basic components of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Classification and examples of patient identifiers are examined. Rules for use as they apply to disclosure of protected health information are also reviewed. Types and examples of violations, as well as penalties are included. This course is intended for the healthcare provider who has access to protected health information and must comply with HIPAA Privacy & Security regulations.
Understand the purpose of HIPAA and the Privacy Rule.
Understand why all healthcare employees must comply.
Understand the term “protected health information”.
Understand the rules for use and disclosure of protected health information.
Understand the Notice of Privacy Practices and clients’ rights.

1.0 Free CEUs for Certified Nursing Assistants

Expires 10/8/15

Presented by National Healthcare Institute
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2 Responses to Free CEUs for CNAs- All About the HIPPAA Privacy Rule

  1. Myoka Bowens says:

    I would love to renew my ceu’s. I am a medical Asst and an CNA as well wanting to get back to work. CEU’s are required.

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