Integrated Care of Patients With Parkinson’s- Free CCMC CEUs for Case Managers

Achieving Integrated Care and Improved Control of Motor Function in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Managing Treatment-Related Complications and Interdisciplinary Considerations– Describe common adverse effects and complications that may occur in patients with PD receiving dopaminergic therapies.
Evaluate strategies for early diagnosis, monitoring, and management of dopamine dysregulation syndromes, impulse control disorders, and associated symptoms in patients with PD.
Establish processes to refer patients with PD to movement disorder specialists, and identify the role of the interprofessional healthcare team.

1.0 Free CCMC CEUs for Certified Case Managers
(This is Part II of II, Part I not accredited by CCMC)

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and PAs

Expires 6/9/14

Sponsored by PRIME® through independent educational grants from AbbVie, Inc and Teva Pharmaceuticals.
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