Understanding & Treating Biofilms- Free CEU for Nurses

Biofilms: The Basics of Formation and Treatment Strategies– It is only recently that biofilms have been seen as a contributing factor in delayed wound healing. With a high tolerance to antibodies, antibiotics, disinfectants and phagocytic inflammatory cells, biofilm can form very quickly and recover rapidly from mechanical disruption. As a result of their increased resistance to common treatment modalities, it is important to implement proactive strategies to create an ideal wound healing environment.
This educational activity will review how biofilms form, how the bacterial phenotypes are different between sessile and planktonic bacteria, symbiosis of different bacteria, why they are difficult to eradicate and treatment strategies for reducing biofilm and/or preventing reconstitution of biofilm.
Explain the basics of biofilms and how they contribute to delayed wound healing.
Compare and contrast the difference between sessile and planktonic bacteria.
Outline treatment strategies.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

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