Free CEUs for Physical Therapy- Joint Replacements

Back in Action with Joint Replacements, Part 1– Total joint replacement, or arthroplasty (the word arthroplasty comes from arthro, joint, and plasty, surgical shaping), is one of the most important surgical advances of the past century. In fact, there are few surgical procedures that have such a positive impact on quality of life. The purpose of this module is to provide healthcare providers with information about total hip and total knee replacements. The module discusses the effects of arthritis on weight-bearing joints, such as the knee and the hip; outlines indications for joint replacement; and summarizes medical management and surgical procedures for joint replacement.
Describe the effects of arthritis on the hip and knee joints.
State indications for total hip replacement and total knee replacement.
Discuss the surgical procedures used for hip and knee joint replacements.

1.0 Free Contact Hours for Physical Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physical Therapy Assistants

Free until 10/31/13

Free course provided by Gannett Education
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