Opioid Abuse: An Overview- 1.5 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists


Opioids: Their Use and Abuse– The pharmacologic properties of opioids including their mechanisms of action, receptor targets, target tissues, agonists and antagonists. Clinical applications including accepted usage, duration of action, and the minimizing of side effects. Finally, a look at overdose deaths from opioid abuse.
Comment on the history of poppies and the opium trade.
Identify the various receptor targets of opioid action and explain how they differ.
Describe the actions of morphine.
Identify morphine-ike drugs and synthetic derivatives.
Discuss dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal in opioids.
Explain ADME in pharmacokinetics.
List other opioid analgesics in addition to morphine.
Distinguish between opioid agonists and antagonists and the ways they are used.
Summarize the current problem of overdose from prescribed medications.
Describe the use of methadone and its relation to overdose deaths.
Teach a patient how to minimize the negative side effects of opioid use.
Explain the effective way to treat neuropathic pain.

1.5  Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Occuptional Therapists

Expires 6/1/14

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