Free AMA CEUs- Optimizing Vaccination Rates in Your Practice

immunizationTake Your Best Shot: Optimizing Adult Vaccination Rates in Your Practice– Vaccination rates in the adult population lie far below Healthy People 2010 recommendations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend vaccinations from birth through adulthood. However, the key to success is to maintain a high rate of immunization; unfortunately, many adults are not vaccinated as recommended, leaving them needlessly vulnerable to illness, long-term suffering, and even death.
Clinicians face a variety of barriers surrounding adult immunization management, including keeping up-to-date on new guidelines and recommendations set by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, effectively communicating with patients about factors relating to vaccine preventable diseases and their prevention, as well as overcoming social, psychological, and cultural barriers; systems barriers; and setting a sustainable vaccination schedule.
Effectively communicate the individual, population, and economic benefits of adult immunization to your patients and within your community.
Identify changes that can impact the systematic discussion and delivery of adult vaccinations.
Integrate the screening and administering of adult vaccinations within your office setting.
Apply system changes and address office barriers to the systematic inclusion of adult immunization in primary care.

1.0 Free AMA Pra CAT I CEUs for Physicians

Expires 9/7/13

Jointly Sponsored by Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association and MedEdRules, LLC.
Supported by an educational grant from Pfizer Inc.
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