Improving Cognitive & Motor Function- Free AOTA CEUs for OT

Introduction to Interactive Metronome & Gait Mate: Tools to Improve Cognitive & Motor Function– The IM Gait Mate is a tool designed to assess and treat an individual’s planning, sequencing, and motor coordination while ambulating. The Gait Mate provides rhythmic auditory stimulation to facilitate improved gait cadence, step length, and walking speed. Guide sounds provide biofeedback to cue the client if they are off the beat. Gait Mate improves motor planning and sequencing by using neuro-sensory and neuro-motor exercises developed to promote neuroplasticity. The purpose of this course is to introduce the benefits of the Interactive Metronome and Gait Mate when treating clients with planning, sequencing, and coordination impairments.

1.0 Free AOTA CEUS for Occupational Therapists

Sponsored by Interactive Metronome

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