Breast Cancer Update- Free Nursing Education

State of the Art Breast Cancer Care: Prevention, Screening, and Intervention for the Primary Care Provider– Breast cancer continues to be the most common cause of death among 45-55 year old women, and is responsible for 1% of all deaths in men. This internet enduring program is interactive, case-based, with voice-over slides in the aclaimed FCM format that can be viewed on the computer or androids. Better patient outcomes can be achieved when PCPs can:
Determine strategies for assessing breast cancer risk by assessing patient and familial history, patient life-style habits and choices; help patients evaluate current life-style habits and implement healthy chices for diet, exercise and weight management; gain knowledge in current assessment protocols so as to be able to refer patients for the best type of screening for their level of risk; gain understanding of most recent treatment protocols, referral, support, and follow-up care; develop individualized patient care plans for pre, intra, and post-interventive care (physical, emotional, psychological); and develop strategies for minimzing the risk of patient relapse.

1.0 Free CEUs for Registered Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians & Pharmacists

Expires 9/9/13 

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