Colorectal Cancer Algorithms- Free CEU for Nurses

What Their Stool Can Tell You: How FIT (iFOBT) Fits Your Colorectal Cancer Algorithm-Everyone needs a colonoscopy at 50 for colorectal cancer prevention, but what if…they simply refuse? They can’t afford it due to insurance issues? We seem to have forgotten that the updated ACG guidelines of 2009 for first time recommend use of annual stool FIT testing as “the preferred cancer detection test” if colonoscopy was not available or refused. How does FIT differ from our venerable stool guaiac testing? And is it finally time to discard gFOBT as an insensitive and nonspecific diagnostic tool?
Distinguish between the ACG 2009 guidelines for optimal screening (colonoscopy) verses detection (FIT test), review the polyp-cancer sequence and understand the rationale for screening for colorectal cancer.
Describe the causes of false-positives found with guaiac-based fecal occult blood tests (gFOBT), the dynamics of currently available iFOBT (FIT) testing, and development of fecal DNA testing.
Examine logistics of FIT testing and compliance and outcomes in population based prevention studies.

1.0 Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 3/6/15

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