Bioethics in Healthcare- 2 Free CEUs for SW

Bioethics in Healthcare– Thirty years ago, few healthcare practitioners had heard the word bioethics. Now healthcare practitioners serve on ethics committees, articles about ethics appear in a variety of publications, and the number of universities with advanced degrees in ethics continues to expand. How did bioethics become such an integral part of healthcare in the United States? The answer is that no single event created bioethics. Instead, a cascade of events created the discipline and changed healthcare decision-making. These events brought lawyers, legislators, philosophers and theologians together with physicians to insist on collective decision-making, guidelines,and regulations to enhance patient autonomy. The goal of this course is to inform readers about ethical dilemmas and decisions.
Describe the legal and medical terminology used in bioethics.
List organizations that are concerned with ethical standards in healthcare.
Describe the history and evolution of bioethics.

2.0 Free CEUs for Social Workers


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