Medication-use Evaluations- Free CPE for Pharmacists

Evaluating New Pharmaceutical Products at Your Health System: Maximizing Value with Medication-use Evaluations– New pharmaceutical products pose a challenge to the medication-use evaluation (MUE) process in health systems, especially when treatment protocols or guidelines are not already in place. To perform a comprehensive assessment of a new product, it is essential for clinicians to know where the product fits into existing or new protocols. Likewise, it is important to consider total cost of care, including how the cost of the new drug will be integrated into total cost.
This activity will provide an overview of MUEs and disease-based management protocols as performance improvement techniques for achieving optimal patient outcomes with new and existing pharmaceutical products. The impact of efficacy, safety, and economics in the development of MUEs and disease-state management protocols will be explained. An opioid-minimization approach for evaluating new drugs for acute pain management will be used to illustrate how such an approach can lead to improvements in patient outcomes while having a positive impact on the total cost of care.
Describe common steps in the medication-use evaluation (MUE) process.
Describe how efficacy, safety, and economics results from the literature can be considered in the development of MUEs to optimize drug use.
Develop a disease-state management protocol to enhance medication efficacy and safety that takes MUE results, clinical trial results, literature reports, clinical practice guidelines, and local practice patterns into consideration.
Given a therapeutic medication category or disease state, outline a plan for identifying and measuring the critical drivers of drug use that influence the total cost of care.

2.0 Free CEUs for Pharmacists

Expires 3/3/14

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