Prevention of Medical Errors for SLPs

Review of Medical Errors for the Speech-Language Pathologist– Define the terms “medical errors” and “patient safety.” List the 2012 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Recognize medical errors that occur in the following healthcare settings: home care, ambulatory, behavioral health care, hospital, critical care units, and rehabilitation/long-term care facilities. Summarize the speech-language pathologist’s (SLPs) role and responsibility to identify and report medical errors. Summarize the tools and protocols available to SLPs to reduce and prevent medical errors.

1.5 Free CEUs For Speech Therapists

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2 Responses to Prevention of Medical Errors for SLPs

  1. David says:

    Doesn’t the state of Florida require 2 hours of Medical Errors CEU, however the free CUEs are only 1.5 hours.

    • freeceus says:

      This course does not claim to nor does it meet the specific mandatory Medical Error course required by the state of Florida. This course would apply to CEUs required for license renewal, even in the state of Florida

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