Conrast Agents in CT Imaging- Free ASRT CEUs for Rad Techs

Spanning the Quality Chasm: The Safe Use of Sterile Injectable Contrast Agents in Computed Tomography– The recent classification of contrast agents (CAs) as medications has set in motion the long overdue collaboration between pharmacy and the departments that routinely use sterile injectable radiographic CAs. Unfortunately, this much needed collaboration is often hampered by the pharmacist’s lack of knowledge of CAs, the radiologist’s discomfort with upsetting the status quo, and infrequent interactions between pharmacists and radiology staff. Ensuring accessibility of primary information needed for screening patients prior to a contrast study, educating pharmacists on CA use, defining clinical administration and compounding, reviewing sterility and stability data that support CA use, and encouraging cross-functional teamwork will facilitate the incorporation of CAs into the medication use process. Guidance on what criteria to address when developing policies and procedures for CA preparation, storage, use, and patient documentation is key to implementing a program that will optimize patient safety and provide a framework for a successful agency accreditation.
Develop a cross-functional team that will increase the monitoring of injectable CT contrast agents to promote their safe and appropriate use.
Apply the latest evidence-based sterility and stability data on injectable contrast agents that can be applied to daily CT practice, regardless of setting.
Establish policies and procedures on extemporaneously prepared sterile CT contrast agents that will satisfy accrediting agency requirements.

1.0 Free ASRT CEUs for Radiologic Technologists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians and Pharmacists

Expires  4/25/13

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