Radiation Safety: Free AHRA CEUs for Radiology Techs

Radiation Safety for PET/CT– List the key variables associated with dose exposure in a PET facility and give examples of actions to affect these variables. List the factors related to dose exposure and give examples for reducing exposure for each factor. List the NRC components for a radiation safety program. Name the basic elements of the radiation protection program. List the individual employee radiation safety responsibilities and general safety measures that all workers should follow. Identify the parameters in each ALARA level and the action(s) associated with exceeding each parameter and discuss the specifics regarding a declared pregnancy. List the actions taken in decontamination of accidental radiation exposure including personnel contamination. List the actions specific to area and facility monitoring including material receipt and radioactive material package opening. Describe the proper waste disposal procedure in a PET facility. Define “medical event” formerly known as misadministration and recordable event and summarize the required actions related to a recordable event.

1.0 Free AHRA CEUs for Radiologic Technicians

Expires 1/31/15

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