Free AART CEUs for Radiology Technologists

Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound Imaging– Faculty will present an overview of breast ultrasound (US) imaging including patient indications, equipment and technique, and the US lexicon for communication and reporting. Cases will show US of the axilla, US-guided cryoablation, and second-look US for MRI of the breast, as well as mammography and pathology correlation.
Identify appropriate indications for diagnostic breast ultrasound
Correlate breast ultrasound with other imaging modalities. Identify characteristics of ultrasound abnormalities that are appropriate for short-term follow-up. Utilize ultrasound of the axilla to identify lymph node metastases from breast cancer. Successful use of ultrasound to guide breast interventional procedures relies on high-quality imaging, expertise in lesion characterization and patient selection, experience in ultrasound-guided techniques for accurate lesion localization and sampling, and effective methods of obtaining tissue for analysis.

1.0 Free ARRT for Radiologic Technoligists

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians

Expires 6/1/13

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