Cancer Pain: Common Fallacies- Free CME for Physical Therapists

Common Fallacies About Cancer Pain– Most cancer patients will experience pain during the course of their illness and into survivorship. Cancer pain may escalate as the disease progresses, so frequent adjustments in pain management strategies are necessary to achieve optimal results. Despite the fact that relief is possible for most peoples’ cancer pain, many of these patients will suffer needlessly from discomfort due to mismanagement, undertreatment and common misconceptions among providers. Healthcare professionals as a team can help alleviate this suffering by correcting fallacies about cancer pain and applying the principles of effective pain management and research-based interventions.
Identify five misconceptions that cause ineffective pain management.
Compare addiction, physical dependence and tolerance.
Discuss healthcare professionals’ responsibilities in pain management.

1.0 Free CEUs for Physical Therapists

Free until 1/31/13

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