Emergency Preparedness for Radiology Technicians

Radiation Incidents and Emergency Preparedness– Radiation emergencies are one of the least understood healthcare emergencies and therefore one of the most frightening. You can’t see, smell, or touch radiation. Most health workers think they are unprepared to deal with radiological incidents. We know that a mass casualty incident from radiation is likely to generate large numbers of frightened people who may require decontamination.

Managing a radiation incident involves preparation, planning, practice, and the realization that contaminated patients do not present an immediate threat, but simply require special handling. While it is impossible to prevent radiological incidents, it is possible to raise awareness and set in place emergency plans and systems that allow for activities to prepare for and respond to radiological emergencies. Explain the basic principles of radiation and possible scenarios for radiological incidents. Discuss the injuries, radiological contamination routes, presenting signs and symptoms, and treatments associated with radiological incidents. Discuss the basic roles and responsibilities of radiology technologists in responding to a radiological mass casualty (MASCAL) incident.

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