Childhood Mental Health Disorders- 1.25 Free CEUs for Nurses

Childhood Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Disorders– Differentiate among six of the nine common mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders in children. Recognize one emergency situation that requires immediate attention. Specify two components of effective prevention intervention. Choose the appropriate mental health prevention intervention for one of the eight developmental stages. Recognize four signs of a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder in a child. Indicate how to evaluate a child with a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. Determine when a child should be referred for mental health care. Differentiate between two types of mental health treatments. Identify one method for collaboration among primary health-care providers, schoolteachers, parents, caregivers, and mental health providers. Distinguish how families benefit from systems of care. Choose the requirements for the release of confidential information among providers who are treating a child.

1.25 Free CEUs for Nurses

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians, Social Workers, and Certified Heatlth Education Specialists

Expires 12/9/12

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