9.5 Free CEUs- Breastfeeding & Infant Nutrition

AS of 1/23/13 This course series is no longer being offered for Free.

Breastfeeding Training: The Gold Standard in Infant Nutrition– Breastfeeding is a very important public health issue. Most medical experts agree that breastfeeding enhances both the infant and mother’s physical and psychological health, while also helping to strengthen the bond between mother and infant. To ensure that these benefits are realized, health professionals need to understand why breastfeeding is important. They also need to understand the mechanics of breastfeeding, how to instruct their patients in breastfeeding technique, and the types of issues that their patients might encounter. This Breastfeeding Training course will provide health professionals with detailed information regarding the theory and practice of lactation management. We hope to encourage health care professionals in all specialties to become teachers and supporters of breastfeeding and lactation management. Course materials are presented as a series of modules, each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. The first ten modules review the history and benefits of breast feeding, anatomy and physiology, and breastfeeding support for the full term infant. Three additional modules focus on the preterm infant, and the final module is a series of case studies

9.5 Free CEUs for Dieticians

This course also offers Free CEUs for Physicians

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2 Responses to 9.5 Free CEUs- Breastfeeding & Infant Nutrition

  1. Brandon Rowe says:

    If it is no longer being offered for free, then why not remove it from your website?

    • freeceus says:

      Is is no longer offered for free, but there might be someone who would like to take it for informational purposes only or pay for the 9.5 CEUs in this subject area. We do not remove any courses from our bulletin board, but try to post expiration dates if applicable or any other information that may have changed since it’s original posting here.

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