Domestic Violence- 2 Free CEUs for Nurses

Domestic Violence: The Florida Requirement–  Describe the impact of violence on health care and how “domestic violence” is defined. Cite the general prevalence of domestic violence on a national and state level and identify state laws pertaining to the issue. Describe how to screen individuals who may be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, including the importance of conducting a culturally sensitive assessment.  Identify community resources presently available for domestic violence victims and their perpetrators throughout Florida concerning legal aid, shelter, victim and batterer counseling, and child protection services.

 2.0 Free CEUs for Nurses    (approved by Florida & California Boards of Nursing & ANCC)

This course fulfills the Florida requirement for 2 hours of Domestic Violence education every third renewal period

Expires 7/31/12

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7 Responses to Domestic Violence- 2 Free CEUs for Nurses

  1. Barbara Birkenberger, RN says:

    Need the Domestic Violence 2 hour CEU course for my RN renewal in FL this month. Do you still offer it free? Would really appreciate having it.

    • freeceus says:

      This course is still available along with an HIV Update for Florida Nurses. Courses are sponsored by NetCE. Links to both courses plus some other Free CEUs for Florida nurses can be found in a special section near the bottom of the page on the USATravMed Page for Free Nursing courses.

      • Phyllis Ewing says:

        I went to site for 2 ceu’s for the course “domestic violence”. When opening course, cost is $10.00.

      • freeceus says:

        This course is sponsored by, the course is still available for free. We have refreshed the link, try again. If it still comes up with the $10 course fee, try conducting a “course search” on their site. They have been featuring the Domestic Violence and HIV Florida required courses free of charge for a very long time. Large Catalog of low-priced courses as well.

  2. Phyllis Ewing says:

    I was looking for this course on “totally free ceus”. I then read the sponsor name I did find this course free on their site. Thank you

  3. The Domestic Violence course is still $10. “totally free ceus”?

    • freeceus says:

      The link to the Domestic Violence course from our bulletin board is tracked on the sponsoring sites cookies and is landing on the $10 page. If you go back to the NetCE website and check the Course List for Florida Nurses, it will be listed and is still offered for free, I personally just took the course back in March for my Florida nursing license renewal as it is mandatory. We have no affiliation with NetCe, or any of the course sponsors for that matter, we have been posting this class periodically for years as it is such a value to Florida professionals since it is mandatory.

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