4.5 Free CEUs for Sleep Techs


Presented by Phillips Learning Center4.5 Free CEC- 3 Courses- Certificates available immediately. Hurry! Available for a limited time.

Titration 101: How to Titrate CPAP and Bi-Level Therapy– List the physiologic treatment goals for OSA airway management. Review the protocols and processes associated with care of a patient being identified with sleep apnea in order to minimize common side effects. Explain the impact of current reimbursement standards on the lab, homecare provider, and the patient. Coordinate care from lab to home. List the clinical goals for long-term Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy. Explain the importance of the titration process and how it can impact acceptance and tolerance of PAP in the home. Discuss patient and financial outcomes realized from effective PAP titration and treatment. Explain the rationale for the CPAP titration protocol. Explain the rationale for the Bi–level titration protocol.

Titration 102: How to Titrate Patients Who Have Complicated Sleep Disorders with the BiPap Auto SV– List the physiologic titration goals for patients with Periodic Breathing or Complex Sleep Apnea. List the clinical goals for BiPAP autoSV therapy. Understand the clinical data for support of BiPAP autoSV. Describe the implementation of BiPAP autoSV for patients in the sleep lab. Describe the implementation and follow up of BiPAP autoSV for patients in the home environment with Encore. Describe the reimbursement pathway for patients who have been prescribed BiPAP autoSV.

Data Management, Compliance Monitoring, and Interpretation of Encore Reports- Learn about Encore reports and what may be found in them. When an Encore report may be best used in the clinical follow-up process with a patient who has sleep apnea; a review of the various encore reports and interpretation of the data; interpretation of sample reports and answers to common questions concerning Encore reports and how the data has been determined.

4.5 Free CEC for Sleep Technicians/Technologists

This course also offers  4.5 free CRCE for Respiratory Therapists

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