Free pharmacology hours for Nurse Practitioners

Helping patients manage cough, cold and flu– Describe the epidemiology, etiology, symptomatology and therapeutic options available for treating cough, cold and flu in adults and children. Counsel patients and caregivers on strategies that may help prevent cough, cold and flu. Identify conditions and patient populations when nonpharmacologic options, including humidifiers and vaporizers, are appropriate. Respond to commonly asked questions that patients and caregivers may have about prevention and treatment of cough, cold and flu, including special considerations for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Distinguish between situations where selfcare using nonprescription drug therapy for cough, cold and flu are appropriate and when additional treatment or referral is necessary.

1.25 contact hours of continuing education for Nurse Practitioners, which includes .75 hour of pharmacology 

Expires 11/1/12

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2 Responses to Free pharmacology hours for Nurse Practitioners

  1. Anjali gaddam says:

    How do i get to the post test of how to manage cough, flu etc . Please hlp

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